Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Objects', persons' electrical conductivity limits demonic power

While considering the electrical properties exhibited by a demon when passing through objects, I concluded that conductivity may play a part and whether the demon is able to pass through the object or not. This may explain why a demon can easily pass through the relative sturdiness of ceramic tile with ease (no static electricity), but has much more difficulty passing through a flimsy bed sheet when it is full of static electricity. This suggests that demons in physical form are vulnerable to electrical fields to some degree.

A related observation: a demon passing through an electronic device, such as a cellphone, causes malfunctions, such as shorts and data loss. A similar effect occurs if you come in contact with a demon, and you are holding your cellphone in another hand.

My specific experience is that, when I have touched a demon with my cellphone in-hand, the screen illuminates irregularly (brighter on some portions, dimmer on others); the phone will then vibrate, and then shut off or reboot.

NOTE | Cellphones are not the only things affected by a demon's touch—so is your brain, which also has electrical properties. A demon touching your head can immediately immobilize you and render you unconscious. You will have no memory of what happened when you wake up. In my case, I've incidentally recorded a few incidents, so I'm aware that this does, in fact, happen [see Assault by Demonic Intruders and Demon Attacks in Law Library].

Some demons can emit electricity that shocks you. Large sucker demons, such as the one shown in "Oliver Conceals a Sucker Demon," will shock you if you grab onto it. It's powerful, and disables the nerves in your fingers, hand, and arm. There is almost complete numbness in your fingers afterwards. And, while it's jarring to receive a shock when you don't expect one, it's only painful for a split second; after that, you're numb and disoriented (and nauseous). There is no sound associated with being shocked by a sucker demon.

The man-like demons can shock you by touching their fingers to your skin. It's loud—even the small shocks; but, not as intense as the shock from the baser, less-intelligent sucker demon. And, unlike a sucker demon's shock, it does not make you numb or nauseous; it's just jarring. There are no after effects from being shocked by a demon.

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