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VIDEO | Long & Co.

Update on February 11th, 2017
The title of this 5/17/15 post was Send in the (Demon) Clowns, but now that I've added another video showing what I believe to be a demon (or something demonic) in place of the original Long, I've updated the title to reflect the dual occurrences.

The latest video showing a demon's face where a human should be is different than the others, in that it leaves me unsure as to whether I'm looking at an actual face or a wrap or mask of some kind. In it, you can hear Long talking to some guy installing a second smoke detector in the apartment; I'm just around the corner, recording random video as I often do during periods of high demonic activity. You can see the back of the installer's assistant's head as he stands in the doorway to the bedroom, conversing with the installer inside. Right before Long walks up next to him from behind, stopping just shy of entering the doorway, a giant hand is placed against the door frame:

Not only is this hand way too big to be Long's, but it doesn't look very human either (color, tone and contrast for detail enhancement)
They are clearly not Longs; his hands are small. I don't know what size glove he wears, but he buys kid-sized socks to give you an idea. But, even still, this hand is the biggest I've seen on anyone, except for the giant hand I got into a slapping fight with in [post]. If the size of whoever's hand that was is proportional to the length of his foot, I'd say he wears a size 15 shoe.

Then, it gets weirder, as Long sidles into the picture, revealing the front half of his profile. Those are his sunglasses on his face, but that face isn't his. It looks like muslin, wrapped tightly around his head:
Long is as brown-skinned as Vietnamese come—even in January—and he has jet black hair (the sunglasses appear to be his, though; and, the voice definitely was his, too)
I'm sure he has neither muslin or gauze or the like, nor an occasion to wear it. It's possible that was skin (but, there's one other possibility that I'm not quite ready to introduce yet). Regardless, here's the video showing the latest demon to be where Long should be (I wish I had more footage, but I didn't notice the "swap" until long after the video was made):

For a long time, I thought hobgoblin demons wore masks. They don't. That's their actual faces, capable of every facial expression there is. The glossy, pure white look is caused by the cloak; once fully decloaked (or when in their "realm" or whatever), minor imperfections inherent to all faces everywhere, appear, and the glossy sheen is replaced by a pure, chalky white—not clown makeup white, but fish-white.

Original post on 5/17/2015: Send in the (Demon) Clowns (unfinished)
I never understood why anyone might actually be afraid of clowns [see Coulrophobia] until I encountered the demons that look just like them. They only show up every now and then [see Juggalo Demon (finally) caught in-the-flesh on video]; but, when they do, it's always a bad time.

Tonight was no exception, having presented the fourth clown demon I've captured in digital media [see Demon with painted face, red crop-top], and on a night of unusually high demonic weapons fire, just as I have come to expect.
NOTE | The third clown demon can be seen in the original footage from which the clip shown in VIDEO | Little demon runs off with woman's lipstick was taken, who you'd only recognize in the clip on the little miniTV he's displayed on if you knew his face to begin with. Hopefully, I'll find the original footage, and post it here someday.
The following are still frames from a video made while attempting to capture demonic activity for which I was present...

Clown demons (formerly, Juggalo) are characterized by their sharp-featured, pointed faces, which are stark white; their mouths are nearly always contorted into a garish grin, and their eyebrows arch high into their foreheads. Here's the one I captured on video:

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In the series of videos from which these still frames were taken, she can be seen darting in and out of the room in which I sleep—just one of the many, heavily weapon-saturated rooms in the apartment [see VIDEO/PICS | Sucker demons buzz camera, poisoning by radiation (finally) captured on video] and building. I suspected she was restocking weapons and depositing demons in various locations [see VIDEO | Demon doll-maker turns jacket into actual demon; see also VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon].

Applying two combinations of two morphological filters......verified in two ways a face—and not just hair
Early in the morning, my suspicions were confirmed, as I was bombarded by a spate of attacks as soon as I entered the apartment, which continue even to now as I write this post. The attacks vary in degree, ranging from outright, physical violence to maneuvers simply designed to frustrate or aggravate. This video clip is a perfect example of the latter, in that it shows a swarm of sucker demons attempting to frustrate my efforts to cover myself with my blanket:

In the clip, sucker demons dart from the demon-possessed jackets hanging on the door towards my hand, which I was attempting to use to pick up my blanket:

The thin, white streaks are sucker demons in flightThe sucker demons launched from the demon-possessed jackets hanging on the back of the bedroom door......and headed straight for my hand as I attempted to cover myself with the bedsheet

I've made references in this past to this type of attack, but, until now, have only been able to demonstrate some of the accompanying acts with very shoddy videos [see VIDEO | Wrestling with a Demon-Possessed iPhone in the Dark (DRAFT); see also VIDEO TIMELINE | Angry Sucker Demons Manipulate Power Cords].

Apparently, in order for this type of attack to be effective or otherwise meet the expectations of my tormentors, it and other things like it must be constant, long-lasting and back-to-back. It has been, is and will probably get worse (i.e., more and more violent) as time goes on.
NOTE | I'm basing my prediction on the steadily increasing frequency and severity of such attacks over time, which, lately, have included walls that bump into me [see VIDEOS | Demons move walls to punish, control, frighten; see also VIDEO | Sliding walls (and the uninvited guests who go through them)].
Comparing two still frames shows two different facial expressions; in one frame, the clown demon appears to be smiling somewhat......while in another frame, not so much; the change in facial expression confirms an actual profile, and not fly-away hair
As stated, clown demon sightings are always accompanied by savage acts of violence historically attributed to the Juggalo gangs, although I have no direct knowledge of any ties between the two.
NOTE | If any Juggalo gangs exist today, then their probably is a demonic tie—if not to the clown demons, then another; no human-only gang would exist without such.
The sharp, pointy, caricaturish face of a clown demon always gives it away, even from a distance, as shown in this uncropped still frame from the videoEnlarged one of the still frames shows the white face, high-arched eyebrows and painted lips characteristic of all clown demons

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For reference, here are a couple of stills from another video made over two years ago, also showing what I then called a Juggalo demon; they are enhanced over the originals (just brightness, contrast and gamma adjustments) for better viewing:
An ages-old juggalo-clown demon pic, enhanced for greater clarity since first posted, shows its face in the forming as it slides under my bedA second pic, enlarged to reveal skin texture and color characteristic of several different demonic species, specifically, a duotonic (i.e., purple-blue-red) splotch pattern

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