Thursday, January 22, 2015

TECHNOLOGY | How demons blind people (or, How people go blind)

You can look at all of this, but it's not finished; I'm just throwing stuff up here when I can. It sort of  shows what I've been up to.

I'm up to my eyeballs in demons and work, and I'm not making daily blogging the priority it used to be. What is priority is turning the game demons call "hiding right in front of their faces" into a nightmare by and through image filters that process digital video in a way that allows anyone to see invisible or hard-to-see demons.

That, by the way, is coming along terrifically. For the past three days, three different procedures were established for finding three different kinds of hidden demons and related activity: those possessing a person, sucker demons on a person's face, and demonic weapons or mutations obscured by a moving (blurry) human counterpart. The first two scripts are so similar, that all I had to do what split one in half to make a filter for the other; the third, however, is a miracle, in that it took so much work figuring out, I just don't know how I got it done.

Today, I devised a procedure for truly separating the chroma that is the tell-tale sign of all things demon from the natural surfaces to which it clings. Now, with image data that is exclusively demon on a separate rendering layer, I can reconstruct the demon or object graphically without interference from the non-demon objects overlapping or surrounding it. What's more, is I'm optimistic that this will go as well as everything else has; it only takes a hint of visible image data to construct a discernible portrayal of where that data came from.

It's a good thing that the research and development aspect is going well so far with my initiative to enable everyone to see hidden and otherwise hard-to-see demons using their iPhone, because the hard stuff—the implementation and distribution—is yet to come.

Demons are everywhere and in nearly everyone, so I know the demand is there. That, and I assume that there isn't anyone who wouldn't want to explore the invisible universe that has surrounded them their entire lives, virtually unnoticed—that is to say, for some.

I'm sure you'd like to know more about that. Hence, the reason for foregoing blog-writing in favor of continued work on methods of detecting the formerly undetectable, i.e., the goal of this project. To bring easy to use, demonic-activity scanning software for your cellphone hardware—live—will be far more rewarding than showing-and-telling which demonic entity crawled up my crawl last time.

Like I said, it's coming along; I just need to hammer out a few more procedures to account for different lighting conditions, distances, type of demonic activity, and the like, and then it's just a matter of software engineering, at which I'm old-hat. Then, you will be able to turn your iPhone into the TriCorder it should already be.

Anyway, check back when you can to watch for updates posted here; and, like always, I'll post to the usual places when I have something a little closer to finished here.

If you're looking at this post early, forget about reading anything here; simply click the images to enlarge them, and then look at the "spokes" around my eyes:

Spokes around the eyes spell future blindness at the hands of demons [click to enlarge]
Same still frame (above), without chroma-enhancements applied (i.e., original)
The topic will eventually be how demons blind people, and the fact that they do. Blindness has long been a tool of the Devil, and the curing of same constitutes the hallmark miracle of his adversary, Jesus Christ.

If you're new to the blog and don't want to invest much time rooting out the background story, here's a quick summary: I'm taunted day-and-night by Voices Demons that say they are going to blind me. My eyesight is deteriorating—rapidly. In every video showing a close-up of my eye, and which was made during periods of high demonic activity, you can see the "spokes" around my eyes. Those are sucker demons, and they are responsible for the degradation of the tissue of the eye, and the surrounding areas, as well.

The reason why the spokes are seen under certain conditions and not others is explained about a hundred times throughout this blog. I, of course, am willing to answer questions about that at anytime, and can also arrange for you the opportunity (and know-how) to record your own demonic activity. Just ask.

Exorcising sucker demons (visually)
The same video-filtering plug-in that exorcises demons in possession of people—visually, that is—can be stopped midway in the process to exorcise sucker demons crawling on one's face. The image below shows sample output from the script:

ENHANCED | The yellow "spokes" around my right eye are sucker demons, embedded in the lid, acting as radioactive eyelashes intended to degrade tissue and impair eye function [click to enlarge]
ORIGINAL | Prior to processing by a new video filter tuned specifically to visually draw-out sucker demons 
The significance of this is the near-equivalent of finding the cure for blindness, as well as any other ailment that may be in store down-the-line. The image above afforded me information on how demons intend to blind me when their people are not around to fire their demonic weapons into my eyes; specifically, you'll notice yellow "spokes" around my right eye.

Those are cloaked sucker demons, planted around its perimeter, which emit a type of EMF radiation that will slowly damage my eye and the surrounding tissue over time, causing blindness and deformity.
Like sperm to an egg are suckers demons to my eye [click to enlarge]
They are found in every close-up of my face in video made during periods of high demonic activity, as shown in samples of video on which the entire filtering script was run, and which exorcises a possessing demon from the human it possess (like I said, visually, of course):

ORIGINAL | Just the human and some noise

NOISE | Amplifying the color noise via wavelet transformation reconstructs the visible portions of a possessing demon

SEPARATION | Separating the amplified noise and the human leave just the possessing demon
Copy-and-paste this script into the GIMP Python-fu console—modifying the class call at the end to point to the directory of the video still frames to modify—to find sucker demons on faces in videos made in similar conditions and an environment as shown above:

A new demonic-activity image-filtering method developed just today produced the sharpest rendering yet of a human arm (mine) mutating into its demonic counterpart, which was first shown on video over two years ago in Human hands and forearms disappear, reappear as demonic, and more recently in Close-up of man's mutating hand; sucker-demon swarm poses as tattoo [see also Close-up of tendril-firing demonic hand weapon key for finding possession victims].

The following series of images are duplicates of a single still frame taken from a video made during a period of high demonic activity that shows my arm in transit from position to another—the original, the image-filtered product, and an enhanced version:

[re-do these, downscaling in half before posting for a (hopefully) sharper image]

In the original, my arm is motion-blurred; in the demonic-activity image-filtered version of that same still frame, the image data constituting the motion blur was removed, and what was left behind was not my arm.

Due to their poor quality, past videos showing this same phenomenon only prove to those who have seen an arm or hand mutate in persona that a limb/appendage mutation occurred; by contrast, virgin-eyed readers may see that something supernatural occurred, but, without the context of personal experience, the significance of the mutation and its use implications are lost.