Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TECHNOLOGY | Finding demons in nighttime, faraway images

Like the past five or so posts, these are just my notes; don't look, don't read.

Local contrast and saturation enhancements in GIMP resulted in one of the most amazing demon photos in existence
It's hard to both brighten and sharpen nighttime images without washing out the brights and adding a lot of color noise; but, that's a good thing if those images contain demons, primarily, because half of any demon in such images are contained in the overbrightened and oversaturated parts, while the other half normal, but only the other half.

Aberrated (below), enlarged

Abberated (below), enlarged

Aberrated background layer copies

 CMY(K) rendering of the finished product

Here is the GIMP-Python script that processes nighttime video for tiny, faraway demons as shown above:

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