Detecting live demonic activity using CCD sensors

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The same multi-pronged, snake-like demonic weapon shown stabbing me in the back on video in Demonic bombs, noggin' crunches and flying demonic snakes for breakfast was caught on camera again today, this time, live, using Apple Photo Booth and its ripple effect filter.

The following images show what that particular weapon looked like in the first video:

A demonic bomb (detonates as I sit down for breakfast, piercing me with a multi-pronged spear driven by a long, rope-like tendrilSame still frame (left), sharply contrasted and heavily saturated for enhanced viewing of the weapon
Here's that same weapon captured on live video today:

Two prominent prongs extend upwards from the ground (between the frame and the door)...

...form a shorter [three-pronged weapon] at its apex, similar to the one shown in Enhancing videos showing demonic attack using After Effects CC... 

...which elongate on their way back down
[point out that the weapon followed a linear track like last time, except, instead of a dark one, a light one; then, explain why that would be advantageous to avoid detection—if that's what it intended to do (it might have also drawn light for strength a la sucker demons of old]

The ripple effect in Photo Booth operates similarly to the video filter script introduced in TECHNOLOGY | Identifying demon-people assailants via chroma-facial signatures, in that it specially renders pixels that have changed values between two consecutive still frames. Pixels values change where there is motion, which is detected by a differencing function applied to each still frames couplet. Because image-rendering engines detect any change—not just the ones the human eye can see—even image data that falls outside of the visible light spectrum are differenced (if it changes from one frame to the next)...

That is how the script in the aforementioned post works; although it is pitch dark outside, the slightest changes in even the color black are marked...

The following clip is the same variant of the video filter that renders a new frame based on the differences in chroma values between two consecutive still frames, using shadow and light for the edges and a distort effect as the fill, instead of using chromatically aberrated color.


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