Sunday, April 14, 2013

#570 - Victim of same cyberstalker suggests joint complaint to FBI

I don't know what has transpired for one of the other victims of my cyberstalker since I posted his e-mail in READER | Cyberstalker harasses multiple targets, which described a virtually identical pattern of harassment as I've described, sans death threats [see Another death threat]; but, if said stalker became as aggressive with him as he has with me, I don't blame him for asking for law enforcement help:

Although I didn't ask the other victim whether that was the case, I think it's safe to assume it was, particularly, because he was mentioned in yet another hate-filled e-mail by the stalker recently:

The stalker probably isn't angry or truly concerned about anything but multiple victims reporting his/her/their activities. This conclusion is based on the specificity and timing of the claims in the e-mails sent to harass, in that they demonstrate access to privileged demonic scuttlebutt in some places.
NOTE | The stalker's foreknowledge of the specific injuries that were later incurred is of most concern.
This alone suggests a collaborator with (and friend to) demons.

Cyber-harassment coupled with other forms can lead to suicide
The other victim suggested that part of the impetus behind his decision (and perhaps others') to assist federal law enforcement is one of the dire consequences of harassment to its victims, particularly, suicide [see Demons prefer suicide to murder]:

Since this case is local (having occurred in a demon-run town), and demons do prefer suicide to murder, and there's no way this harassment went unnoticed by same, I'd be more concerned about other influences that were undoubtedly present while leading up to the suicide.


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