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#571 - SCIENCE | Hobgoblin demons defy gravity to conceal themselves among humans

Demons defy gravity.

Hobgoblin demons—the ones with the garish white mask-like faces and ceremonial black, hooded robes—are not subject to the laws of gravity as fourth-dimensional entities, and they use that fact in conjunction with other abilities inherent to their species to hide right in front of our faces.

See an image of one hobgoblin demon, who blended with a pile of clothes on my floor, lying on his back, facing straight up at the ceiling, but conducting business with other demons as if he were on his feet like the rest of us.

The first thing you notice when you're thrust right out of a dead sleep and into a hyperdimensional portal is the absence of gravity, especially when you're age 5 [see related note in What it feels like when a demon possesses you].

I'm glad that fact stuck with me—even if it was sheer terror that made it stick—because, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to credibly explain why some demons conduct their business in the third dimension sideways, upside-down, and every other position not right-side up. Using current theory on the fourth dimension to explain the lack of gravity is not the same, as even the theorists themselves will tell you it's all just theory.

So, having firsthand knowledge of the fact that gravity has no applicability to fourth-dimensional entities (aka demons) in their element, that should explain to anyone else why these demons in this still frame are facing straight up at the ceiling, looking as if they are facing straight ahead, standing on their feet, when, in fact, to us, they are lying on the floor, flat on their backs [see also VIDEO | Face-up profile of ornate blanket demon in clothes pile]:
This still frame is rotated 90ยบ clockwise; the faces of demons blend one with the other, making it difficult to distinguish among them unless you are familiar with the physical characteristics of demons [see Demon camouflaging illustrated in Chica o Vieja]
The most prominent displayed demon in this still frame—a hobgoblin demon, garish white mask and ubiquitous black robe—is highlighted below:
A hobgoblin demon smiles at an unseen demon above—or in front of (depending)—him; the hook nose and heavy-lidded eyes of his pale-white face are shrouded by the hood of his black robe, standard garb for this (and many other) variety of demon
Hobgoblin demons are difficult to photograph, in that they emit a lot of the interference that distorts images captured by digital cameras, which comes from a very strong cloak (the manner in which they become invisible and permeable) [see DRAFT | More of what a hobgoblin demon looks like (and other things about them, too)]. Without a very specific set of conditions present, they invariably go unnoticed. In fact, if it were not for the high population of these demons in the area, and, especially, around me, I would never have captured such a clear photograph of this hobgoblin demon at Valley Medical Center Hospital or in one of my former apartments:
Hobgoblin demons seem to smile a lot, which is ironic considering the pain they specialize in bringing to peopleThe closest a hobgoblin demon has ever come to facing my camera directly, even though his head is slightly turned; it's also the first one to sport a lock of hair over his mask
The fact that gravity means nothing to them makes them masters among demons at blending with objects, especially, those of small size and that are also fast-moving. Case in point: this hobgoblin demon blended with my hand, matching it's shape to the side of it, following it as I moved it past the lens of my camera so as to stay out of sight, as is shown in this series of still frames [see also PHOTO GALLERY | What a hobgoblin demon looks like]:

A female hobgoblin demon moves with the blur of my hand, which is holding a cellphone; the colors in the video from which the still frames were extracted had to be inverted in order to discover her [see TIP | Blending Quicktime Video Layers to Penetrate Demon Cloaks], that's just how well-adapted to variations in and the nuances of light and motion—and gravity—these particular demons are [see VIDEO | Blended hobgoblin demon sneaking up behind me (or false alarm?)].
NOTE | Many readers think I have a demon problem, and that the problem is just mine; however, given the ability of just this one variety of demon to hide, I'm guessing that demons are everybody's problem—just like the Bible clearly states—and that those readers just don't know (or accept) it.
For more excellent examples of demons blending with light and shadow and objects in the environment around them, search for light and shadow on this blog; of particular note are these posts:

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