Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#440 - Reader talks to Night Fright Show about sister's death by demons

Jodi Polos, the reader featured in Is Wicca the answer to the demon problem? on The Life of a Demoniac, was also featured on the Night Fright Show with Brent Holland.
On the show, she discussed her twin sister's death at the hands of demons, which was also mentioned in the post:

The post includes a Facebook conversation between me and Ms. Polos, in which she simply states that her sister was killed by demons; she did not elaborate beyond that. To-wit:
I feel really bad for you. I lost my identical twin to a demon. It's wrong that there's no real way to combat them. I didn't know you were a California person, too. I do occassionlly read your blog; but, I limit it because I have a demon problem, and I don't want to give it more power over me, by being more susceptible to it, by reading about the harm it does to you. I saw what it did to my twin, and I am so traumatized to this day—and, it's been 7 years! I despise demons! Good luck, my friend, and GOD BLESS YOU!
Have you tried using WICCA philosophy to help yourself? We are Christians, and when we brought in the priests, it was like it infuriated the demon, and [it] took her life and tried to kill my family. I do have to give credit that the demon was stopped before killing my daughter; so, GOD must have intervened. Have you read my book?