Thursday, October 25, 2012

#441 - VIDEO | Sucker demons dance on fingertips, connect

In a video clip made earlier this month, you can see sucker demons dance on my fingertips as I scratch my head, as well as connect between them and my scalp on contact, kind of like static electricity; in it, my head and hand is covered with eye spider demons and sucker demons:

NOTE | Although sucker demons are not static electricity, they seem to go hand-in-hand with it in other ways besides just sometimes looking like it, as in the above video [see The two weaknesses of sucker demons: static electricity and clear plastic and Sucker Demons Interfere with Electronics on Contact, Spark when crushed; see also Electrical conductivity of electronic device affects cloaked demon's ability to maintain contact with human skin].
The quality of this video embedded in this post is not as good as the original for several reasons:
  • YouTube compression blurs videos, and sucker demons are thin;
  • These demons are small, and sucker demons move very fast;
  • The quality of the video camera is low, capturing only 15 frames per second at 640 px x 426 px.
  • Because they are cloaked, the eye spider demons and sucker demons look like jagged, black lines and squiggly white ones, respectively;
NOTE | The reason why these particular types of demons appear this way in digital video when cloaked is loosely explained in Invisible demons detectable by radiation emission, and the fact that they look like this has been mentioned (and seen) before, particularly, in HOW-TO | Removing eye spider demons from your skin.
For greater clarity, you can view the original, uncompressed video at DropBox.

The video plays at a speed of 33%, so you can see the sucker demons moving between my fingers and connecting my fingertips to my scalp; otherwise, they move too fast to see.

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