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#443 - Is telepathy akin to hypnotic suggestion?

Human telepathy is possible...and easy; but, it tricks the human brain like a dream, dangerously suggesting on a subliminal level that a given topic of conversation (or the mood it conveys) is real, even when it isn't.

If you (or someone you know) "communicate(s) with the spirits," then you (or someone you know) are being hurt, physically and mentally—even if that is not the intent.

Generally, "spirits" are not medical doctors, and may not know that what they are doing is harmful to you. Others know quite well, such as Voices Demons, and talk incessantly to their victims to cause injury to the psyche.

Although any information from Voices Demons should be considered unreliable when provided to a human, when they acknowledged this fact upon my own discovery of it, I believed them, in part, because they were able to demonstrate their apparent ability to use telepathy to make my head spin and ache, as well as to make a popping noise somewhere inside my head (by increasing pressure in the eustachian tubes, perhaps?).

Also, on a walk home late one night last fall, I recorded a demon saying, "Let [him] feel my talk" [download Enraged Whisperer.wav (203.32 KB)]. At the time, I wouldn't have suspected that what the demon was implying was that telepathy harms (or can be used to harm) peoples' minds; rather, I would have assumed that it meant it wanted to take verbal gibes at me รก la the Voices Demons. Seeing as the demon did not do that, and based on what I know now, it was probably signaling its intent to harm me via telepathy.

The Voices Demons' telepathy is either akin to hypnotic suggestion or they are able to hypnotically suggest while projecting telepathically, which is the likely explanation for their close partnership and reliance upon dreamweaver demons.

Those are the possibilities, but, either way, it explains how they can create fearful expectations of non-pending events without reliable or complete or logical outward signs of them, as they did, for example, in Voices Demons plot for supposed future custody stay.

Like a dreamweaver demon, which creates a scenario in a sleeper's unconscious mind for them to navigate within (a tool used to explore the psyche of a victim), a voices demon creates scenarios for the conscious (or awakened) mind; but, unlike a dreamweaver demon, the resistance to which is virtually null by merit of the unconscious state of the victim, a voices demon must have the victim's attention.

That's probably also why they insist that their victims "listen, listen, listen," even though they repeat themselves constantly or seem to talk non-sense all-day long or talk about things that may pertain to or be about me but would never carry the weight in their lives they act like it does. It's probably subliminal programming of some kind, even though I know nothing about any of these topics.

All of this is just a guess, but a really good, educated guess, though. I'll explain how I came across this once I have a better way to support it.

This is the role of drugs in certain overall plans and goals, just as drugs play a role in possession, as described in Drug-induced "auditory hallucinations" a prelude to demonic possession.

I will elaborate on all of this later, and I will also include what I think may be the reason why Voices Demons consistently choose a particular location out of a set of locations when talking to you. They don't sound like they are inside your mind, but somewhere around you, at various distances and positions; sometimes, they even move while talking to you, albeit nearly instantaneously, and always to one of their usual positions around your head. I remember that there was one other significant thing that I noticed when the skull-head chased a voices demon into a corner with his snake-like tongue: that the voice demon could be traced in a line as it moved to the corner (because it was talking non-stop), and it was in a position that was not usual for them to talk to me from. Since this was a one-time occurrence, I can reasonably conclude that position and distance is important to achieve a particular effect, since they can move to any position, but with victims, don't; and, when they don't, it probably means they are working your mind somehow for some reason).

By the way, if you are communicating with Voices Demons or any other entity telepathically and are human, it is important to realize that if you have not been taught to block them from communicating with you in this way, then you are—or will be—a victim, even if they do not intend for you to be. It is harmful for you to communicate in this way, even if you are capable of doing it. ("My" Voices Demons just said, "Bullshit! It's only harmful when it's done in certain ways." My reply: you mean like insulting and threatening someone around the clock for years in a row, while physically harming through other demons?')
NOTE | The fact that they don't intend for you to be a victim in the way that I and others are, but still talk to you telepathically—knowing how harmful it—gives you a good indication of the general demonic attitude towards the lesser evolved and capable species called human. The fact that they ask you to do bad things (if that's the case) should be the other. In fact, what they talk about should be all the indicator you need. That, humans can understand and apply to protective effect.
Other notes about Voices Demons
I already knew that Voices Demons communicate using existing sound waves; they need them in order to be heard, which might be because they cannot generate them on their own. It might be a form of masking; or, it could be that sound carries their communication further than they could on their own—I just don't know.

But, knowing that they get louder in a loud environment may pave the way for recording them when they don't want to be recorded, and when they don't want to shut up. The way I tried this recently was to play an obnoxious, loud siren on my computer while recording Voices Demons shouting. Then, in Audacity, I overlayed the siren with the recording, and then used the siren track to filter the siren sound from the recording of the Voices Demons in order to hear them only.

It worked, although the siren was not completely removed (that's because I don't know how to use Audacity and/or because Audacity sucks). Anyway, it's a safe bet to say that, if I stick with it—just like the images and videos that were once unviewable—I'll get something I can use.

Another observation of note: while loud, consistent noise does not block the sound of their voices, it blocks the effects of their telepathy.

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