Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#419 - Secret builders of blanket demon faces revealed

What do ashtray demons, Jawa-lookalike demons and Jonah LeRoy "Doane" Robinson of Mount Rushmore fame have in common? They all build faces many times their size.
In the lower-right corner of this image, the profile of a face can be seen in the lower left corner, which was built by Jawa-lookalike demons, and is intended for another demon to possess (this image was blurred prior to posting)
As it turns out, these are two of the demons responsible for sculpting the faces of blanket (and pillow and clothes) demons, which they do in miniaturized form.

When they are miniaturized, they are so small that they usually cannot be captured on video in much detail; however, if you are familiar with their features, you can sometimes point them out in a photograph of a blanket demon's face.

Jawalook-alike and hobgoblin demons also perpetrate attacks in bed, clothes
You will usually encounter them in bed, as is shown in a video made during last night's hours-long attack on my head and left eye (a daily occurrence now), in which clearly visible miniaturized Jawa-looklike demons—the perpetrators of the attack—surround my head:
On yet another "blind-and-surprise date" with a demon collaborator a couple of nights ago, a horde of miniaturized Jawa-lookalike demons attacked; upon seeing the camera, one of them is shown spreading its arms before blending with the bedspread (click image to enlarge)
Following is a preview of the video clip showing the Jawa-lookalike demons in my bed:
The original video clip can be downloaded from MediaFire [1.7 MB].
SEE ALSO | An attack by a sucker demon, which pierces my neck with one tendril, while lashing my left eye with another, in Sucker demon pierces my neck with tendril.
Jawa-lookalike demons perfect cloak for nighttime and shadow stalking
Not only is their size a limiting factor in one's ability to photograph them, but, also, their cloak. Unlike the ghostly, semi-transparent look of the cloaks of all other demons—including these two demons when full-sized—when miniaturized, their cloaks look like a dark pocket of air. That's probably because this type of cloak traps light, reflecting none (or little) of the light that hits it.

The nature of the light-trapping cloak appears to propel the cloaked object when a certain level of light strikes it. When one of these demons are entrenched in a fold in your clothes or sheets, and you straighten the fold, the light, as it enters the fold, pushes the demon along the fold, as if it were riding a wave in the ocean.

Jawa-lookalike demons' blending ability superior to all other demonic varieties'
To watch the Jawa-lookalike demon crumple under my arm after having blending with the fabric of the bedspread, skim the original video, frame-by-frame.

A Jawa-lookalike demon's blending ability is very subtle, and isn't accompanied by sparks and flashes of light, as is typical among all other demons. That's indicative of a very powerful demon—that is to say, one that can skulk in the dark without drawing attention.
NOTE | Another example of the superior blending ability of a Jawa-lookalike demon can be seen in VIDEO | Jawa-lookalike demon blends with swinging pillow.
Ashtray demons also photographed in bedding, clothing
Ashtray demons, the other demon responsible for attacks like the one shown in the video, above, have also been photographed in piles of clothes, as is shown in the images, below:
An ashtray demon, caught by surprise, blends with a pile of dirty clothesThe face of an ashtray demon is created by the reflection from the silver top of an ashtray can
They could also be seen cloaked on the bedspread in which the Mount Rushmore-like blanket demon face was created, shown above, but have since been blurred out.

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