Monday, August 13, 2012

VIDEO | Blended hobgoblin demon sneaking up behind me (or false alarm?)

Yet another attack, coming from behind, I thought, as I rested my head wearily on a dining room table. But, instead of waiting for my instincts to tell me when and where to grab, squeeze, twist, and throw, I just pointed my cellphone camera behind me and waited.

Then, nothing.

Maybe I'm getting paranoid, I worried. But, after checking out the video, I decided, Maybe not, because it showed the masked visage of a hobgoblin demon, creeping up behind me:
Or, so it looked at first glance; but, after taking a second look, it's just the back of the chair, catching the light, and kind of looking like one of their masks.

Demons of all kinds, when facing a camera with nowhere to run, will turn into whatever they are approaching from. In fact, most don't approach unless something that looks like them is in your line of site to them (search for 'blending' and camouflage' on this blog for more information).

But, usually, not like this, and not to this fine of a degree; rather, it usually looks something like the Spectre of Death, its head blended with window coverings, and its body submerged in shadow (see VIDEO TIMELINE | Spectre of Death, Camouflaged). What I'm wondering now is whether my instinct is really mine, or if the sense of a demon presence is affected by them. Unlike the type of blending (or camouflage) I just described, that would not be unusual.

For example, "Aunt Bee," the childhood monster of my nightmares, and who was shown by the Voices Demons to be the real thing earlier this year, carries a rod-like device that, when activated, generates overwhelming fear. It would then be feasible that other demons can generate other sensations, and do so just to give you the creepy crawlies when they are around.

And, here I thought I had Spidey-sense.

But, also, if it wasn't a camouflaged or blended hobgoblin demon, this video would be quite a coincidence, considering that a demon from my childhood, which is shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Specter of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare, also showed up as a dresser drawer knob in a video made on the same day as this one.

Like a hobgoblin demon and the back of the chair, the childhood demon in the related video and dresser door knob match exactly.

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