Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gang-stalker unknowingly mocked demon problem before accosted by demons himself

Jon Harrington, who described his encounter with the many people in the community possessed by demons in the midst of a 2006 auto theft (see Gang-stalkers' ties to demons now definitive), unknowingly mocked my own encounter with them in this 2006 voice message:
At the time, he had been ousted from my home, in which numerous crimes were committed against me, by another gang—not knowing then that the gang powerful enough to do this was demon-led.

Apparently, sometime after his departure, he heard of the troubles I was having, and decided to make fun of me by phone.

Here's the transcript:
Hey, this is you-know-who! I had the weirdest fucking dream last night—that you were having trouble eradicating the problem in your home, and that it was almost worse!
This is him earlier that morning, thinking he could "help" with the problem:
In it, he describes himself as "the happy, healthy neighborhood curbside warrior," and says that I can call on him for help, if I need it.

This, of course, is before he had his own encounter with the demon-possessed people called, "Tuzzo," which he shakily describes in a recorded phone conversation in Gang-stalkers' ties to demons now definitive.