Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Welfare benefits blocked again by demons

The Voices Demons have blocked both rental assistance and cash aid from being disbursed this month, once again using their contacts at the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency to accomplish this. The last time I reported this was last March in Demonic agenda extends to social services agency, which contained a recording of an agency employee falsely portraying herself as a supervisor, so that I could not actually speak to a real supervisor and report the activities of the employee who wrongfully refused to process the needed paperwork to disburse my welfare benefits.
The Santa Clara County Social Services Agency in San Jose, California
Three days ago, my cash aid benefits amount was $.63, which is $.63 more than it should be. The balance should have remained at $0 or, if the monthly rental assistance check was not issued to my landlord, Lee Ayers, went up to $147. According to the automated telephone information system provided by the county for accessing transaction information and account balances, there were no deposits and no transactions. This morning, the landlord said that he had not received the rental assistance check from the agency, either.
The employee who, last March, refused to process paperwork needed to disburse cash benefits
Today, after visiting the Santa Clara Police Department to file the complaint that they initially refused to file a report on, as described yesterday, I will go to the agency to resolve this issue. It will, of course, be recorded either on video or audio.