Sunday, June 24, 2012

PHOTO GALLERY | The many faces of the demon-possessed

Demons like to swap it up when it comes to your face, as shown in these two pictures for these two persons.

In this first photo, I put together a collage of stills from a video of an overnight guest, who happened to be possessed of demons. His face changes five or six times:
The demon-eyed face (top, middle) was the scariest
It would seem that when demons express their faces over the face of their host, it's a combination of superimposition and blending.

Here's another example:
A demon superimposing its face over its young host
As was the case when the above photograph was taken, it's not only the face that blended with the host; it was also some of its powers. On that night, this person was running up and down the sidewalk, throwing papers on cars and onto the street, presumably, with something written on them. Then, in the blink of an eye, all but one of the papers were gone, and this person vanished into thin air.
NOTE | There was a lesson in there for me somewhere; I just know it. But, it escaped me somehow. Maybe I'll have another chance to learn it in the future, however, as I am told by the Voices Demons that I will be meeting this person again, on a romantic level. I just can't see that happening; but, they are usually right, so, who knows?
The next photo is of me—not possessed, but channeling—a green-faced demon's message to another:
I do not look like this from any angle
I have no recollection of the event; but, I did capture the transformation on video, which can be seen in Demon in the Dark.

That's not the first time I've transformed in the face, either. In another video, I transform—at least, if the reflection in the mirror wasn't the mirror demon—into a Superior Court judge:
I also do not look like a 60-year old judge in the mirror; I have no gray mustache—or any mustache—for instance
The video, Judge Pennypacker or Look-Alike?, is available at

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