Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spectre of Death blends with shadow and window shade, phases out in walkway

In this video, the Spectre of Death camouflages (or blends) with a shadow and a window shade, which is common occurrence with demons (I don't yet know why, although I know its benefits in certain scenarios):
Related videos:
  • Devil on His Shoulder shows a demon who blends with the glare from a lamp.
  • In Camouflage Terror, another giant demon head blends with wall hangings and shadow and light
    in order, and the Spectre of Death performs a blend similar to the Spectre of Death Phased Out, but in a different part of my apartment.
  • See the first video made of the "Spectre of Death" at
  • Another video, Spectre of Demon Illuminated by Lamp Glare, shows what is not technically called blending; but, it does appear to be similar, in that it shows that the sometimes transparent nature of a demon, while demonstrating that there are differences in the type of transparency.
Another blog entry will be posted on demons using their invisibility or cloak ability; I call this phasing out because it is a combination of being invisible and being able to pass through walls, floors, people, etc. (but not so much, electronics). In the meantime, you can read an older blog entry on blending, which is on this site.

Also in another video, the first frame shows a demon blends its head with a wall:

A demon blends his head with a wall
It also shows the Spectre of Death, phased out. He is standing in the entryway of my apartment:

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