Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Excerpt: 15 seconds of Voices Demons threats, rambling

He's a tweaker. He's a tweaker. He's a tweaker. (An attempt to shame me in public; another attempt can be heard in Noise Harassment.)

He doesn't get us. (A prelude to a threat, probably uttered by their people prior to fighting, which they intend to utter to me at some point in the future; the Voices Demons stage future stress scenarios for their victims, and then elude to it ahead of time by using cryptic remarks that they hope you will learn to worry about. They are saying this because they saw me typing what they say.)

Dude, don't emasculate us like that. (They are trying to arrange a forced castration and use this term to elude to that future event, hence the term; the meaning here, however, is that they don't want me telling others what they're doing and saying.)

We are not your friend; so don't make us angry. We will hurt your cat. (They have already infected her with a skin disease that is eroding her fur, and have done other things to scare and hurt her, albeit primarily in ways that cannot be detected; see Scratchen's Ear Coalesces with Snake-Like Entity.)

Tweaker, we don't get tweakery with our dicks every day of the month for many days in a row. (An attempt to cause shame; in the sound track of one of my videos, you hear a Voices Demon ask, "Do you have a little dick?")

Ha, ha, ha! We emasculated ourselves with anger. (They are probably saying that, whatever it is that brings on a forced castration in the future, is caused by 'anger'.)

The penectomy has begun. (It means they are going to injure my brain by a forced lobotomy, and that they want to do this because I am still typing, even though I've already 'emasculated' them with my 'cogent' information.)
NOTE | All quoted words are of particular emphasis in their speech. They routinely replace verbs and nouns in their sentences. Aside from emasculate, anger, tweaker, masturbate and cogent, they also routinely use 'gang-stalker' and multiple variants of my name, including James B, James, Jimmy, with each having a unique inference and meaning.

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