Monday, October 24, 2016

The Devil with the Blue Dress On strikes again, punctures head with poison-tipped lance

The various attempts by several humans notwithstanding, one demon is certainly "finally getting to [me]," namely, the Devil with a Blue Dress On, so dubbed for having concealed himself in my bathroom by wearing a blue towel, which he folded into a ceremonial robe of sorts—one that I assume is worn by assassins from whence he comes—so masking his approach prior to attack:
The Devil with a Blue Dress On, swooping in for an attack in my bathroom at a former residence [see Needle-fingered demon strikes again]
Yesterday, like all the other times, including the 2012 attack pictured above, he sprang out of nowhere—right over and off to the side of my head—flying straight at me before piercing my skull with his lance:
Mene, mene, tekel, parsin, my now-black-cloak-wearing friend; mene, mene, tekel, parsin...
The result is the painful swelling of one side of my face, and a wound where he punctured the skin:
Injuries like this one have become a commonplace occurrence for me since 2011, having no other explanation, and no evidence of another cause; even now, I am still limping from last week's poison-tipped lancing to my legs
The same doctor who came to the rescue in Double for my trouble (Stanford doctor doubles testosterone regimen prescribed antibiotics to treat the resultant infection; I did not describe the means by which I acquired the injury. I just took pictures, sent them with a description of symptoms, and then began the course of treatment.

Attacks by this particular species of demons are very infrequent, as well as short-lived; however, they are ferocious, causing appreciable injury every time that is long-lasting [see Needle-fingered demon strikes again; see also Elusive needle-fingered demon briefly captured in two videos]. In one video, you could actually see several metal rods being inserted straight into my head, the handiwork of this demon, nearly the foulest of all of them.

Thank goodness for their short-lived appearances, which is due in part to their inability to make as prodigious use of the overlap between the two dimensions (theirs and ours) as their counterpart species. Still, that doesn't dissuade them from trying. Even now, he is flitting about my head, trying to milk the last of what I inherently, unwillingly, and much to my own disservice, provide in terms of a means for demons to present themselves in the physical in order to get physical, specifically, the aforementioned overlap.
NOTE | The "overlap" and the means by which I facilitate that are described in more detail in Hospitalized by demonic retaliatory strike for power blockade], and are required for a demon like this one to attack [see Demons and their people continue to exploit, causing suffering by open portals; see also Desperate demon people make desperate maneuvers].
Fortunately, those means expire much quicker these days than they used to, and, as I said, these particular demons' ability to make use of them is limited to begin with; so, although annoying, his attempts to be more than that are presently, and will continue to be, unproductive.
Devil with a Blue Dress On; Lord, have mercy!
I believe (but, do not know for sure) that the instrument by which he delivered the blow was laced with the same toxin or bacterial agent that caused an infection after having sustained several other puncture wounds while lying in bed (albeit from another demon—a human-sized one—and not the demon that is the subject of this post). Those I believe were either meant to infect, and to be delivered in my sound sleep; it may also be a side effect of an implantation of some kind—probably, of the sucker demon kind [see Torture by sucker demon; see also sucker+demon+eyes].

I'm lucky to be able to narrow down to those choices as it is. That's due to the fact that I can recognize demon-induced sleep/amnesia by merit of its association with trauma, and that in my sleep. It causes a panic of a certain kind that rouses me as I sense it, allowing me to catch a glimpse of who is doing what.

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