Monday, April 11, 2016

The Life of a Demoniac channel on Apple News

Today, Apple approved The Life of a Demoniac channel for broadcasting via the iPhone News app, which is installed by default on all iPhones (and which cannot be uninstalled from any of them):

E-mail from Apple, indicating approval for publication of blog articles to The Life of a Demoniac Apple News channel 
Unfortunately, there's a few kinks to work out before I can get excited about it. First, I wasn't prepared to provide a banner for the channel when asked, so I slapped the title of the blog over a beautiful but highly vague and irrelevant-looking image of a blanket demon in mid-transformation, just so I could get to the review stage all the quicker. If I had at least looked at everybody else's banners before doing anything, it wouldn't look this, to be sure:

The disparity between the design quality of my channel's banner and others  is overwhelming when they are placed together like this [see The Life of a  Demoniac Apple News channel banner (center-right)]
Also, even though I published my article, it hasn't appeared yet on the channel:

Nothing appears yet on my channel, even though my first article was approved by Apple for distribution via the News app
Hopefully, that's normal, due to (perhaps) a lag in distribution to such a wide audience.

On April 5th, I indicated that approval for publication was not likely (and, after you read the first article, you'll probably see why) [see Apple approves use of proprietary News format].