Monday, April 25, 2016

Second Prison Letter Response: Prayers borne of true faith never go unanswered

I got another one today [see Prison Letter Response: The why and how of loving God as a murderer], this time from the youngest—incarcerated at age 15, although now 27—whereas the first letter was from an over 35-years-old (although also incarcerated young, specifically, at age 17). The other difference between the two is the writer of this latest letter goes home soon; the first writer is imprisoned for life [see also The Prison Letters of a Demoniac].
NOTE | Or, so they say. God-willing (and He is), more on that later. For now, let's just say l have plans, and So does He [read Isaiah 42:7; Isaiah 51:14; Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18]. We'll see what's up in the future...
Anyway, I haven't finished reading this one yet; each letter I write and receive are like treasures to me—treasures that require the greatest of care and handling. Both my body and mind and soul need to be in the right place, and it needs to be the right time before I introduce someone's eternal future into the custody and care of my heart, which is essentially what you're doing whenever you make contact with someone who desires Christ as much as is purported (so far) by the first letter of Timothy Ross, Jr.:
As I was posting this letter, a Voices Demons said to me, From now on, anytime you make someone a special person in your life, we are going to 'make a drama' for you. I'm not exactly clear on what that means; lately, they have been trying to wrest back control over their lives using the same silly talk they employ on and for other people, which conceals sinister threats and name-calling and other forms of abuse in packages that may sound innocent enough to, but to the experienced listener are known to be anything but.
What eats at a Voices Demon—or any other demon, for that matter—is the fact that it is only with my express granting of their ability to carry out any such threat that adds anything more than hot air to them.
And, while I admit my past attempts to permanently revoke the granting of such were short-lived, my latest has so far gone unchallenged by the lure irresistablé of the past. A small part of the reason is simply because, as I say when I'm dead serious about wanting something, "I want what I want."
NOTE | The latter (rare) statement is always followed by a brief silence [on Earth], with my eyes deadlocked on the eyes of the hearer. Following that is the getting of what I want.
And, in the case of those incarcerated, I want something better. I need God for that—especially considering the Voices Demons have attempted to thwart every effort to write even a letter to them, a sentiment alluded to in this recent e-mail:

An e-mail to the prison ministry that connected me to inmates such as Timothy Ross

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