Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SOFTWARE | Chroma-focusing and chroma-mapping Photo Booth effects released

The two composites produced by the new video filter released yesterday have been separated into individual Photo Booth effects, enabling anyone with an iSight-equipped Mac (and, soon, iPhone) to see and record video, live, cloaked demonic entities.

Perfect realism, pristine detail
The Chroma Focus Photo Booth effect decloaks invisible entities while maintaining the realism of a normal image, as shown in these samples:

My head and face, mottled by around-the-clock strikes with demonic weapons at the hands of demons and their people (humans); a red, sponge-like demonic entity, sitting atop my scalp; craters left by sucker demons, having repeatedly burrowed into and out from my skin; a spider-/crab-legged demonic entity, attached to the side of my head, looks like a kid's drawing of the sun
The effect amplifies a specific kind of color noise in digital images that is only generated by the demon cloak. Because light is emanated (not reflected) from a cloak (i.e., it gives off its own light, albeit extremely weak), you have to wave the camera in front of a cloaked object in order to pick up enough light to see the entity. The image will be blurry, but you'll be able to spot cloaked demons quite easily, even if they are offset a bit by the motion.
NOTE | A cloak is a state of a molecule that, instead of reflecting light at the same or similar frequency as natural light—just like a mirror or anything else you can see with your eyes would—it, remodulates the frequency to one outside the range of the human-visible spectrum. Human science calls this polarization, and the principle applies to human-built lasers. That light is not completely outside the range; but, what remains is very weak.
As you can see, the images are very dark, which is the only environment in which relatively weak polarized light avoids scattering by natural (and much stronger) light; however, soon, this filter will be re-released to compensate for dark environments. As of this morning, I managed this much in a room almost completely dark, except for the light creeping in through the door behind me (you know it's dark based on that eyes-wide-open gape on my face):
    The bushy, sprout-like demonic entity on my head was ordered their by Voices Demons as "punishment" for making video filters that penetrate cloaks; it is hurting my head (very hot), and is making me feel dizzy, tired, somewhat nauseated, a little disoriented with almost no ability to concentrate; the spike-like demonic entities burrowed around my jawline are forcing me to clench my jaw and teeth; those near my eyes are drying them out and burning them; the ones sticking out of my shoulders and neck irritate the muscle, causing a cramp-like sensation that compels me to pull on them constantly
For now, the Enhanced See-in-the-dark Photo Booth effect is available for imaging demonic activity in the dark; images made using that filter can then be processed by this newer one to amplify the chroma.

Unparalleled 3D-image map quality
The Chroma Map Photo Booth effect maps the chroma in a lossless, highly detailed simulated 3D image map, which can be used for bump maps, displacement (texture) maps, and height maps with superior results:
Note the long sucker demon, swirling into my eye from behind my headAt just the right distance, and in the right lighting, and with the right panning maneuver, the Chroma Map filter will uncover demonic possession
Another demonic possession unveiled, this time, by a demon-human hybrid (notice the crab-like sucker demons over the eyes)Spokes around the eyes means your eyes are being targeted for blindness
This filter captures everything, literally, which makes the image a little crowded when there is a lot going on (and, wherever demonic activity occurs, there's always a lot going on). Take a look at this picture, which shows demonic activity and electronics of some kind, embedded in my face(?):
Above my left eye is a multi-pronged instrument of some kind, one of many I've seen, but only one of two I've captured on my person in digital media; in the video, it bobs up from my lower cheek, and snakes its way to my forehead before disappearing again
Things like this make the images it produces even less realistic than their sharply contrasted grayscale coloring; however, in order to catch everything that's going on, this is the filter to start with. Images produced by it can be filtered for the desired activity in subsequent processing by other filters or image-processing software.

Repeated strikes to my head (done to cause brain injury, or some I'm told by my tormentors) have left many holes in-the-ether
Unlike the Chroma Focus Photo Booth effect, the Chroma Map effect works great in sunlight, as you can see from the above two images.

Installation notes
Prior to dropping any of the above files into /Applications/Photo, rename them to Normal.qtz for Mac OS X 10.6 or later; for Mac OS X 10.5 users, Composition.qtz, and in the same location as the original Composition.qtz.

Remember to back up the original Quartz Composition file that ships with Photo Booth; overwriting it will cause you to lose your original iSight camera settings.

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