Monday, November 16, 2015

AIDS | District Supervisor verifies VMC doctors improper denial of care

In AIDS | District supervisor to act against VMC-PACE obstinacy, I announced that my district supervisor, Cindy Chavez, intended to make efforts to get to the bottom of VMC's and PACE's refusal to treat my terminal condition; since that time, I am both proud and grateful to announce that her office (and, in particular, assistant Paul Murphy) did exactly that, and the following letter extends that effort by demanding that the manager identified as the point-of-contact for this particular issue, as it pertains to the clinic that employs Dr. Anitha Kambham (and others), explain that refusal:

Here is one of the videos that could be proferred as evidence to Jenny Howard, the recipient of the letter, of my primary care physician's obstinance and refusal to treat any of my conditions:

Here's another that suggests and shows the same as the above:

The letter will be both hand-delivered and mailed today, and a copy will be sent to my attorney.

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