Friday, October 31, 2014

VIDEO | Demons in the shadows

The following video clip shows a demon cloaked in shadow, running back and forth, from the bed to the end table next to it, and then back again, where he darts back and forth and up and down in front of the camera:

Besides flitting and dancing around, these demons are throwing the "claw" demonic weapon and send sucker demons to hurt and bother me from underneath the bed (on the left), where I'm laying.

The clip repeats three times, decreasing in magnification with each successive play; different color-enhancements are applied to each one, as well, since I couldn't decide what looked best. The first and second clips are played at half-speed, while the last clip is played back at normal speed, thereby showing the how fast most demons move in the dark.

This isn't a very interesting or breathtaking video on its face unless you realize that this is what it looks like in a darkened room during a demonic attack. This is what someone sees when they are attacked: shadowy figures flitting around the room.

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