Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Demonic illusion art left in closet (again)

It's a terror tactic to demons and their people, but the innovative mixture of creativity and magic make it art to me (even if it is meant to terrorize me). In fact, I dubbed it 'demonic illusion art,' which consists of miscellaneous objects grouped and arranged by a demon(s) and/or their people to create the face of a demonic predator; these objects always belong to the intended target.

It is intended to terrorize the demon's target ("we're going to get you"), and is usually situated somewhere in the target's personal living space, such as bedroom or bathroom ("and there's no where we can't go").

The latest occurrence of this type of threat/artwork consisted of shirts and ties hanging in my bathroom closet, arranged to form a scary demonic face, peering at me through the partially open door. It's only visible, though, from a certain angle and at a certain distance:

From my bathroom sink, it looks like you can see a demon inside, peering through a partially opened closet door; the painted/masked face is similar to another demon's face, as shown in VIDEO | Demon caught on video in a cubbie that's inches from bedSame still frame, shown right, enlarged, reveals shirts and ties arranged to create the demon's visage when framed by the door assembly and recessed in shadow
In the case shown above, I was meant to stare this demon in the face, eye-to-eye, from my bathroom sink, where I always tend to glance at the closet door behind me when I brush my teeth. It is this habit that is likely known to the artist, and is probably the reason why the face is mostly only rendered correctly from this position.

The following video clip illustrates the necessity of proper viewing angle and distance, in that the camera is shown taking various positions until just the right one is found:

At first glance—and for a split-second—I actually thought that I had a demon in my closet similar to the one shown in VIDEO | Demon caught on video in a cubbie that's inches from bed:
A mere few feet from my bed, right behind me, stood a demon in my closet, which I inadvertently captured while pointing a video recorder behind my back during a period of high demonic activity
The first instance of this type of artwork documented on this blog was shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | The Face of the Spectre of Death, which consisted of white plastic clothes hangers, artfully arranged into the face of the Spectre of Death, but only when viewed from a specific angle and under specific lighting conditions:
What appears to be the Face of the Spectre of Death... actually white coat hangers arranged by him to intimidate and frighten

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