Friday, August 22, 2014

VIDEO | Hobgoblin demon walks SF sidewalks in broad daylight

Yesterday, I caught a hobgoblin demon strolling down a sidewalk in San Francisco in broad daylight on video. I didn't notice it at the time it happened, and wouldn't have noticed it in the video had I not carefully scrutinized every frame. Not only does it stroll by quickly (the clip had to be slowed by 50%), but starts as a woman before turning into a hobgoblin demon. It's also in the distant background, specifically, across the street from where I recorded the video.
NOTE | Before reading this post, you should familiarize yourself with what a hobgoblin demon looks like [also search for hobgoblin demon]. I also provided the first pic I made of a hobgoblin demon (below), which I think best represents the likeness of the hobgoblin demon in the video clip.
What is unusual to me is not just the fact that the hobgoblin demon is out-and-about like normal people; rather, I'm not use to seeing a hobgoblin demon in a non-cloaked state, interacting with solid objects in a normal manner. In the clip, it is carrying a red backpack:

The best still frame featuring the hobgoblin demon (shown below) shows that it looks very similar to the one shown in VIDEO TIMELINE | Demonic Intruders Attack (shown at bottom):

The video clip (above) is a cropped version of the original, and is masked to highlight the hobgoblin demon
Same still frame shown above, enlarged
This low-qualiy still frame (taken from VIDEO TIMELINE | Demonic Intruders Attack) is the closest comparison to the hobgoblin demon shown in the video clip (above)
NOTE | The asian cunt to the left of the photo is trying to "masturbate a noggin crunch," which basically involves pulling a sucker demon out of the side of her head and launching it at mine in order to cause a headache. She will burn in hell like all her kind, thank God in Heaven.
If the height of the woman the hobgoblin demon starts as and the height of the hobgoblin demon were not so different, one could say that the woman was wearing a hobgoblin demon mask, similar to the one shown in PHOTO | Mask of a hobgoblin demon:

The nose and mouth can be seen on a glossy white hobgoblin demon mask, perched atop a fence belonging to a former neighbor [see VIDEO | Neighbors participate in demonic torture ritual]

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