Thursday, August 14, 2014

TECHNOLOGY | Problems caused by demonic radiation to digital cameras also detect demonic weapons

This post was rewritten on 10/1/15, strangely, after someone complimented the original writing the same day. Having re-read it, I reckon they must have been making fun of me; it was abominable.

In its new form, it now depresses me. So much is said here that is so useful, so powerful, to people; but, it's an introduction only. It has not been developed to benefit those who might benefit from a ready means of detection (and, then, protection) of otherwise undetectable danger.

Be sure to follow the links for more information; written more like a note—which describes all posts to this blog—this post requires and depends on your knowledge of the information presented in other posts.

What look like the consequences of recording media with a digital camera in close proximity to the demonic radiation emanated by cloaked demons, demon-possessed people or objects, such as color noise and jumpy video, are actually benefits, in that they indicate clandestine—and, therefore, dangerous—demonic activity, especially when they occur in tandem and under specific circumstances.

Generally, there are three primary indicators of such demonic activity: (1) skipping video (i.e., dropped frames), (2) abnormally elongated motion trails that look like smudges left by moving objects, and (3) excessive and unusual color noise (or chroma), flurries of red, green and blue snow around the demonically irradiated subject.

The radiation from cloaked weapons that causes frame-skipping and unusually dark and long motion trails from moving objects on digital video also detects ultra-fast, semi-transparent demonic weapons fire, as shown in this video clip of a demonic weapon striking the back of my head [see PICS | Demonic "bombs" define territory and confinement areas]
This post focuses on the first two, skipping and motion smudge, and narrows even further by limiting the discussion of these indicators as shown on video, which are detected only during the playback, as skipping does not occur in photos, and motion smudging, as defined here, bears one quality that can only be ascertained on video. Although the do not always occur simultaneously, in tandem, they are sure indicators of demonic activity.

The last indicator, chroma, is discussed at great length elsewhere on this blog. By applying special image-processing techniques to digital media saturated by chroma, the outline and portions of the surface of a cloaked demon or object can be rendered into a form cognizable by anyone. It deserves—and gets—special treatment because it better conveys the problem to those needing an introduction, and who were not present at the time it occurred and are otherwise unfamiliar with demons and the like. By contrast, skipping frames and LSD-like blurring say nothing to the uninformed and unexperienced.

Although skipping frames and overly blurry motion trails seem like relatively poor indicators of demonic activity as compared to chroma, they are essential for determining who initiated demonic activity, as most demons need (or use) motion from objects or people we can see to interact with them, and always use the same objects and people, and demonic weapons are always deployed with the same motion and by the same people. Whenever video made during a period of high demonic activity skips during playback at a point where a human moved in a way known to deploy a demonic weapon or decloak a demon, demonic activity is indicated.

Skipping video
Skipping video is indicative of the initiation of human-assisted demonic activity. During playback, it appears as if several, consecutive frames are missing; but, unlike the skipping commonly known to occur other forms of media, there is a tell-tale pause at the frame before the missing ones. That's not the same as video commonly described as jumpy video, which plays each frame uninterrupted, regardless of the number of missing frames between any two.

The length of the pause is approximately equal to the number of missing frames. After the pause, the video resumes playing at the frame at which one would expect it to have arrived had all frames played.

Skipping video. A recently made video [below] pinpoints the culprit who let a demon out of the bag (so to speak), specifically, when he withdraws a demon-possessed object from his backpack; halfway through the motion, the video pauses, his hand still a blur from motion no longer evident [left], before resuming at a point shortly after the movement [right]
In the following video clip, which was made during a recent demonic attack [see VIDEO | Joint demonic attack: two men combine powers to increase weapon effectiveness], a man is pulling a demon-possessed object from his backpack, similarly to the VMC nurse in VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon, who possessed a plastic bag with a demon; as he does, the radiation from the demon interferes with the iSight camera in my MacBook Air, which is detectable in the playback of the clip:

NOTE | Skipping can also be caused by time distortions, as shown in VIDEO | Demons can alter the flow of time.
Motion smudge
Wherever skipping is found, so are long, blurry motion trails from the demon-possessed objects in motion, particularly as compared to other moving subjects in the video. The movement of people or objects that are the source of demonic activity leaves a cloudy, dream-like motion trail on video much longer than those left by non-sources that dissipate like slow-moving smoke.

In this clip, two men pass behind me in the hallway outside the computer lab: the first man shows no evidence of any demonic irradiation; the second, does, primarily, by the long, semi-transparent blurry motion trail that follows him:

Because both men pass by at exactly the same speed and exactly the same distance, the second one clearly is irradiated demonically:

The first man exhibits no signs of demonic irradiation on video; however, the second man does, as indicated by the ghost-like motion blur trailing behind him as he passes
No smudging is seen by a man passing by, who, unlike so many others, apparently refused to collaborate with demons during their attackBy contrast, the face and body of an attacker is practically smeared as he "drives-by"
NOTE | The difference between the length and saturation of the motion trail is too subtle for representation by still images, which also cannot demonstrate the rate of dissipation, but were provided 
In sum, the otherwise poor-quality video caused by demonic activity pinpoints the source of demons and other demonic activity (i.e., people), and, most importantly, the deployment of demonic weapons [see PICS | Demonic "bombs" define territory and confinement areas].


  1. ...also the radiation and pulse weapons are penetrating walls, floors ceilings and can hurt or change your body re-actions

  2. It's true; but, that's a different kind of weapon, and a different kind of radiation emission pattern, in that what you're talking about is focused and directed emission. This post is talking about the radiation field produced by the presence of the weapon itself—and, no, it's not unharmful, but it isn't directed. It's just there because the weapon is there.