Sunday, February 3, 2013

#502 - VIDEO | Illusion of Scratchen's eye appears in the shadow of my palm

Last night, while mounting my video camera, I captured an illusion of Scratchen's eye on video, which appears briefly inside the shadow cast by the palm of my hand:
This still frame from the video (below) doesn't really capture the eye very well;
however, it shows you where to look when you watch it (upper-left)
I don't know how illusions work exactly; but, like most acts performed by shadow magic, I'm sure that they are always cast with a specific person in mind. This explains, by the way, while such illusions are always facing the camera when they appear.

In the video, it appears very briefly:

It is shown at the beginning of a video, in which I made in the hopes of capturing more blows to my head by demons, just as was recently shown on video in VIDEO | Demons caught....

Illusions of Scratchen's eyes seem to occur whenever the Voices Demons take one step closer to "hurting her little head," a threat they now repeated daily, and one that is invariably followed by a graphic description of ways they've hurt other people in the past (and their intentionally frivolous reasons for doing so).
NOTE | Like serial killers, the Voices Demons leave a signature mark on their victims, specifically, head-related injuries made in a very specific way. This is in addition to other injuries they inflict, which are meant to match or complement victim-specific taunts made to the victim.
It was only a week or so ago that her eyes appeared in another video [see VIDEO | Another illusion of Scratchen's eyes appears inside new apartment]; they also appear in several other videos, all of which were also made by coincidence, and within the past year.

Approximately 2 weeks ago, after having been advised to look outside by the Voices Demons to see what I could lose if I "don't cooperate," I saw the entire Scratchen (or what looked like her) motionless in the driveway. She didn't respond to noise or otherwise indicate she was anything more than another illusion until nearly a minute had passed. When she snapped out of her trance, she ran into the shadows and disappeared, acting as surprised to be at my apartment as I was to see her there.

To read more about that story, and to see the other videos showing an illusion of Scratchen's eyes, search for Scratchen on this site.

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