Saturday, August 18, 2012

AUDIO | Demons announced plans to damage penis to gang-stalkers as far back as 2006

Did he say appendectomy? Or, penectomy?

If you listen carefully to Daniel Anthony Napolitan (aka D-Nap) in the 2006 secretly recorded conversation between him and another gang-stalker, which was posted to this site over a month ago, he stumbles over the word, "penectomy," as he tells Robert Malnburg, Jr. (aka Bobby Bradford) what demons told him about me and their plans for me.
Robert Bradford was told of the demons' plans to injure my penis in 2006
I would stumble, too, I suppose—especially, if I knew just how bad the damage would be (shown, below):
The tissue under this unsightly dark ring is tough (not spongy like the rest); and, sensation has been reduced by half on the right side
That means that the demons had a plan to cause significant and permanent damage to my penis since at least 2006, when the conversation between these two gang-stalkers occurred.

To hear this recording, go to Secret recording of conversation reveals demonic agenda; or, to just hear the portion of the recording in which Danny says, "penectomy," listen below:
In the full recording, it sounds like Danny is simply iterating through a list of things he was told by demons, and does not appear to give any additional weight or emphasis to the topic of penectomies, except for his pause after saying it.

To ensure an understanding of the allegiance at the time to demons and those demon-led, here's a voice mail received by Bobby at or around the time of the secret conversation:
This voicemail was left right after an attack in my home by Bobby, Jon and two other men in 2006, and in which Long and I both called police. At the time, I lived at 1220 Tasman Drive SPC 379, in Sunnyvale, California.

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