Tuesday, November 6, 2012

#451 - VIDEO | Second woman possessed by demon wearing clown-like makeup

When a female guest leaned into my shot while making video during the period of high demonic activity tonight, her inner demon expressed itself, revealing the fact that it's male, but likes to wear makeup:

While all frames in this portion of the video consistently show the profile of the possessing demon, this one gives the best overall view:
As my guest leans into the shot (upper-right), her face is shown to be superimposed by that of a demon, similar to the mangled and disordered one seen in VIDEO | Porn actor's face morphs into demon's in porn video
The appearance of the demon's face is not caused by any type of distortion, such as motion blurring or the like; in every frame of the portion of the video clip in which it appears, it is consistently that of the demon's:
The demon's face is visible in every frame of the portion of the video in which it is shown; it is not the effect of a motion blur or any other type of distortion

Shortly after the appearance of the demon (within mere seconds), the woman leans into the shot twice more, this time, sans demon:
Seconds later, my guest's face returns to normal
This demon looks similar to the one that revealed itself on video during the production of a porn video, as shown in , and as pictured below:
A porn actor's eyes loll into the back of his head...
...seconds before his inner demon reveals itself, which looks similar to that of the woman's (above)
This is the second demon-possessed woman that I have captured on video; the first woman shown to be possessed can be seen in PHOTO | Video in motion reveals woman's hobgoblin demon underpinnings:
The white mask-like face of a hobgoblin demon, superimposed over the face of a woman it is possessing
Unlike that woman's demon, which was revealed only by video in motion, this demon was revealed in relatively still video, which is rare.

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