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#400 - SCIENCE | Sucker demons connect demons to humans for 'possession'

A sucker demon's omniscient knowledge of human biology, combined with its' physical characteristics specifically adapted to connect to both the human and demonic nervous systems, allows it to enable centurion demons to physically control the human to which a sucker demon is attached.

The tendrils of a tumbleweed-variety sucker demon are extended into the body of a human at various points, which create a neural pathway from the human to the demon, enabling the latter to send impulses from its brain to the human's network of nerves.

A common site in San Jose and its surrounding areas are people with a hazy, shimmering, ethereal-like crown on top of their heads (read SCIENCE | The ethereal haze and glow of demons (and ghosts) explained):
The possessed will exhibit the appearance of wavy lines above their heads
This is actually the external and cloaked portion of a tumbleweed-variety sucker demon that is attached to a person, and which is shown on my head in this video clip (because the cloaked sucker demon on top of my head is difficult to see, the clip repeats using a different video filter each time for better viewing):
Earlier this year, I made another (and better) video of a cloaked sucker demon on top of my head, slithering down the back of my neck:
The shimmer of air around such person's heads is caused by the refraction of light as it passes through the cloaked body of a sucker demon, which is extremely hot. The principles that apply here are the same as those to a mirage (whereby heat rising from pavement raises the temperature of the air above it, so that light passing through it appears to ripple and wave).

Following is a video showing a sucker demon attempting to attach itself to me in order to act as a interface for demonic possession:
Once the sucker demon has successfully attached to a human, a centurion demon enters the human by passing through it via the same ability it uses to pass through walls, which is somehow related to its cloak. The sucker demon then attaches to the equivalent portions of the demon's nervous system.

To make a connection between a human and a demon is not the only role played by the sucker demon; it also needed to anchor the demon to the human. That's because a demon must be cloaked to pass through people, walls, floors, etc., and matter affecting such a cloak cannot maintain enough traction to cling to, and cannot achieve the requisite momentum to keep up with, a human in motion.

A sucker demon, however, can affect both cloaked states simultaneously, thus allowing it to attach to both cloaked and uncloaked matter cloak at the same time. In fact, that is how a sucker demon is used to cause internal injuries without leaving external indicators (and, their precise knowledge of the human brain enables them to perform types of lobotomy-like procedures on victims of the Voices—and other—demons). In this case, the portion of the sucker demon attached to the human are uncloaked and the portions attached to the centurion demon are cloaked.
NOTE | To remove the uncloaked external portion of a sucker demon attached to you from yourself and others, read HOW-TO | Removing eye spider demons from your skin and HOW-TO | Vanquishing sucker demons from the bedroom.
By anchoring itself to the human using the uncloaked portions of its body, the sucker demon uses its connection to the centurion demon via the cloaked portions of its body to pull it along with the human.

Once a centurion demons achieves possession, it is a complex matter of overcoming any resistance offered by the human it possesses, as the demon must maintain enough concentration in order to "work their nerves" properly.

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