Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Phantoms run over 65 miles per hour to keep up with train

This Sunday, I clutched ultra-sensitive videos I had just made on my cellphone of humans and demons committing crimes in tandem—atrocious crimes, in fact—while as many as two dozen phantom demons chased, on foot, the light rail car I had boarded, as I hoped in earnest of at least watching what I had acquired, and hoped in vain of keeping it.
Before it was taken by demons, I had excellent footage of two dozen phantoms running after the light rail car, as well as a 12-foot (approx.) long sucker demon snaking from tree-to-tree along the tree-lined sections of the track
By the way, the light rail travels up to 75 miles an hour on some stretches. And, they kept up the pace for quite a distance, running straight through people, cars, trees and concrete platforms, which, as they passed into, slowly elevated them to its surface.
NOTE | This implies that matter provides buoyancy to a cloaked demon, and surface tension provides adhesion; air would be too thin to provide buoyancy, so they are not lifted up by air. I knew gravity played no role because of many other observances that clearly indicated such, including my own transport through a hyperdimensional portal, which is always precipitated by weightlessness (and a disorienting dizziness that invariably results in passing out); but, before now, I couldn't explain how a cloaked demon could walk on a surface and not fall through it, even though they could walk through it. Dense matter is like water to their air-filled buoy selves.
In the end, all the good footage had been clipped out of the videos, including the part where a mirror demon's hand reaches out of the mirror and deflects mine as I try to adjust it.

However, in spite of having lost so much of what I caught on video, I was able to witness more humans and demons working together behind-the-scenes, making it all well worth the trouble, to be sure.

What's more is I got to watch on video for the first time what my eyes have seen countless times over the years, i.e., the phantoms running amok in San Jose; that was a good thing because now I know that,  if my camera caught these things, that means everyone else's eyes did, too. So, that would be proof-positive to even the insane that the town has a dirty, dirty little secret that it cares not to mention, even when it's in front of your face and their faces at the same time.
NOTE | The Voices Demons said, "They know better than to do anything but what we tell them. We got heify with them once, and we'll do it again if we have to." And, on that note, the Voices Demons have constantly been expressing their anger over certain persons' refusal to help them hurt me, and have stated that they are planning to reintroduce the concept of "our will, never yours" to the people of this town. I do not know what they have done in the past, and I can't imagine others getting involved in any other way, except out of curiosity. I'm simply not that important; but, it's what they talked about non-stop today, and this blog is about what happens to me with regards to them, so I'm putting it in here.

Even more rewarding is what I learned about capturing demons on video in the future, especially now that they can easily modify and delete video evidence of their presence. I found that if the sepia color filter is turned on (read Sepia color video camera filter catches more demons).

This counters their recently increased ability to become almost imperceptible to a camera, an ability that made them even more brazen than ever, even in the face of a video camera. Now, this new cloak is all but useless to them.