Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Persistence pays off with police, report taken on crime by former landlord

For the LORD loves justice, and forsakes not his saints; they are preserved forever: but the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off. [Psalms 37:28]

It took several weeks of multiple requests—three of those today, in fact—before the Santa Clara Police Department agreed to file a report on the violation of Section 148.5 of the California Penal Code by my former landlord, Kirk Moye.
Kirk Moye, former landlord of 3311 Princeton Way #5 in Santa Clara, California, lied to the Santa Clara Police Department about a lawfully obtained eviction that never happened to obtain a quick and dirty eviction of his own
For more information on that crime and the incidences precipitating the filing of a criminal complaint, read the following posts:
In the first recording, I am told, "no," twice by an officer who did not want to take a report. His lengthy—and technically incorrect—explanation for why can be heard in the second recording.

In the third recording, a police supervisor agrees to file a report, but attempts to meter my expectations of any results beyond that.

In the fourth recording, a police officer takes the report. At the end, he also discusses—in a roundabout way—the rest of the situation as my readers know it. I don't mean to be roundabout back; but, everyone's level of knowledge in the matter is different, and what's different is usually wrong. And, if it's not wrong, it's just downright scary that something like this could happen in America with other peoples' knowledge and then continue for as long as it has.
Officer Amos wrote down the number of the report detailing the crime committed by Kirk Moye
Unless, of course, they are demonic filth themselves (but, that's scary, too). So, I don't go there when the only objective is something simple, like the filing a police report.

Otherwise, I'd still be there now, telling stories about which they could now do nothing, except their jobs, going forward.