Friday, June 15, 2012

SCIENCE | Three things you never knew about a centurion demon's mouth

Here are three facts about the mouth of a centurion demon—the man-in-body, devil-in-face demons that range in height from 6' to 13'—that you never knew:
  1. When blown into your face, their breath smells similar to and acts like both an amhyl-nitrate substitute ("poppers") and nitrous oxide ("laughing gas"), but is three times the aphrodisiac; there are no side effects, though, save a broken heart that does not mend.
  2. Their thin, snake-like tongues and wolf-like teeth prevent all but the occasional whispered word in English. This is a common problem among some humans, too. For example, most pureblood orientals have "short" tongues, which makes it difficult to pronounce many English words, resulting in a very strong accent. Like parrots, they must mimic the sounds they hear in another way because they cannot, for example, touch the tip of their tongue to the back of their upper teeth to make an "N" sound, or press their lips together to make an "M" sound. Some centurion demons can speak perfect English aloud; these are usually female.
  3. Their lips are the only facial feature that looks the most human, yet they are so artistically shaped that they not only completely dominate your attention, but can be used in the absence of all other features to distinguish one demon from among many.
NOTE | My experience with demons blowing their breath in my face is quite extensive. I can say that they all smell similar; but, different. I can also say that the smell is only an aphrodisiac if it's intended to be; they will also fill a room or area with their scent prior to attacking. But, that is a slightly "hotter" and "angrier" variation of their usual smell, and causes immediate and near uncontrollable fear. (Think of the smell of an angry cat's hiss, or that of a skunk.)