Saturday, April 21, 2012

VIDEO | Eye spider demon traveling under my skin

After feeling the tell-tale signs of an eye spider demon traveling somewhere on my head or neck, I use my cellphone camera to capture a better picture of it. Doing so has been nearly impossible, in that they can cloak, as well as dive into your body; and, they sometimes emit a type of radiation that interferes with a camera.

But, even without all of that, they are lightning fast, and generally to quick for a cellphone camera—unless they are under your skin, that is.

The following video is of an eye spider traveling up my back and over my shoulder, while underneath my skin. Because the camera is moving in the opposite direction, the sighting is brief; but, you can hear the sound of it moving under my skin quite readily, if your volume is turned up.
Based on a multitude of encounters with this particular demonic entity, I have learned much about the limitations of the cloak used by demons. One is that, although there is barely any tangible mass at first when touching a cloaked demon, the longer you touch them (and more pressure you apply), the more tangible they become. Eventually, the cloak will collapse. If they move under their own power, their cloak collapses even faster.
NOTE | You may need to play the video more than once to see the very brief part where something is raising my skin where it is moving, and you will have to raise the volume in order to hear what that sounds like.
This particular eye spider could not stay cloaked because he was moving and my innards were touching him.

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