Friday, April 27, 2012

PHOTO | Demon face caught on spy camera

In an effort to keep tabs on the going-ons at my old haunted apartment, I mounted my cellphone outside my front door, using IP Camera, an Android application that transmits pictures taken by its camera to your computer via your router.
What I captured was amazing: a demon peering into the camera, and then taking off.
The distinct features of a demon were captured with a spy camera mounted outside

This one looks almost human; but, there are tell-tale signs of his demonic origins, such as the brow ridge, the bright eyes, and the stressed facial features, such as the stern eyebrows and the color of its eyes.
If you can't tell how I can tell, let's just say you just have to be around them a lot to tell the difference sometimes, when it comes to certain demons. Rest assured, if you could see its height and the remaining physical features, you'd know the difference, too.
This demon wasn't the only one rustling the bushes that night; there were at least two others, which stood about 20 inches tall, with short, squat bodies, and pure white, giant heads, conducting some sort of ceremony in a language I could not understand. They were barely visible; but, I might be able to locate pictures of sufficient quality to post here later.