Friday, April 20, 2012

New apartment "haunted" by demon spectres

My new apartment, which is about half full of demons as compared to the old one, albeit with new faces, is located at 3311 Princeton Way #5, in Santa Clara.

The star on the map below happens to point to the exact location of my bedroom, believe it or not:
My new apartment at 3311 Princeton Way #5, in Santa Clara, California
This apartment found me, in that the very hour of the very day I needed it, my phone rang in response to a roommate ad I placed two months ago. That sounds lucky, unless you factor in all the demonic activity, as well as the fact that I received no calls at all in response to my roommate ad in the two months it was posted.
This ad garnered only one response in two months, but not until the
very last second, and it led to yet another demon-plagued apartment
This apartment is a temporary landing space until I can find a less demon-infested location, if possible (as it turns out, Satan apparently can roam anywhere [Job 1:7]). Like my old apartment, this one is plagued by demons, too.

Most of these demons new to me are of the spectre variety (in other words, they look like ghosts, but are clearly demon by merit of their looks). Following is an example of what a demon spectre looks like when illuminated by the glare of a lamp:

Thankfully, these demon specters are not yet violent (Psalm 140), but seem more curious than anything. They are not friendly, and enjoy making noises from time to time. They also like to push my bedroom door open at night. And, while there are fewer of them than in my old apartment, they are much more visible. Instead of just a head mounted in the collar of my jacket hanging in the closet, you see whole bodies. Not only that, but one of them doesn't just hang onto a corner and peep around it (although all the others do). One of them actually walked from my closet into full view last night.