Saturday, April 28, 2012

BIBLE | Fear should not be a factor for you

God's message about fear and moving forward in life, as delivered by Joyce Meyer, could not have come at a better time in my life today, particularly, as it would seem that I have plenty to fear.

After my roommate locked me out twice today, on top of the five times this past week, my mother, who had agreed to send rent for the coming month, said that she wasn't going to send it, and made up a lie to excuse her rescinding of our agreement (i.e., that I had not paid rent in three months, even though a court ruled that I had paid rent on time, every time). In this letter from my former landlord, he cites pending repairs as the reason for the eviction—not failure to pay rent:
Letter from Landlord

And, in this order from the Superior Court, a judge essentially states that the landlord owes me three months rent—not the other way around:
Prefiling Order Granting Plaintiff Permission to Proceed in Suit Against Landlord for Relocation Expenses

She has not only lied like this many times since the demon-led gang-stalkers first attacked in 2006 to anger and otherwise upset me, but she has also stolen property to achieve the same. In fact, in 2008, the Superior Court of California awarded me $7,500 in a judgment against her for stealing computer equipment from me, which contained evidence against her and others of her acquiescence and participation in the crimes committed against me at the hands of the gang-stalkers, and which was intended to be used in a pending federal suit against the same.
Judgment Against Defendant Kathy Bickel
Computer equipment and evidence wasn't the only thing stolen; but, this is the only issue I had pursued, as I intended to allow time for forgiveness, and to give everyone an opportunity to make amends, and to stop capitalizing on the catastrophe I have suffered.

Unfortunately, instead of making the most of this, they have decided to relegate me to homelessness, after just having relegated me to a substandard, illegal apartment (see below), while simultaneously starving me half to death, ignoring the injuries I sustained while being brutalized by demons; and, all of this after having been falsely incarcerated for nearly three years, and after having subjected me to funny business such as my mother putting her signature on my arrest report, instead of the officer's:
Police Officer's Signature Substituted by Mother's
It reads, "Kathy Bush," (her former last name), instead of the police officer's name.
A perfect example of demonic involvement before I knew what was going on. Imagine how confused I was at the time.
This document from the City of San Jose states that the apartment they rented for me was not only illegal, but was a slum:
City of San Jose Compliance Order
NOTE | Page 4 of the above document from the City of San Jose supports the judge's conclusion that I am owed three months' rent.
This document shows that the landlord doesn't even own the property anymore, and therefore is not even a real landlord:
Transfer of Deed of Trust from Khoa Nguyen to Theresa Ziemkowski

That's not all that's going on; but, you get the idea: as my future stands, it looks like I will mostly dealing with issues of survival and in a near-constant state of fighting.

Anyone would fear that future, I think; and, they would be reluctant to stir up trouble in a camp of people with such an evil past, and evil intentions.

But, if I let that be the case with me, I'd be giving in to my childhood programming by the devil, which has consisted of a lifetime of fear of moving forward, and a lifetime of punishment for moving forward in life (it's the very same program that the demons I face now constantly attempt to take advantage of). I think he has always wanted it to be easy for him in my adulthood to hold me back, simply by deploying a couple of indicators that portend trouble on the horizon, so that he can stop any future plans without much effort.

Joyce Meyer believes so, and she starts off her message to me and other like me in Finding Fear and Finding Freedom like this:
I just want to encourage you tonight: you don't have to be afraid. You may feel afraid; but, you don't have to be afraid.

There is a big difference in feeling afraid, and being afraid. You can keep going forward with your knees shaking, and your mouth dry, and your heart pounding—and you can just say, "God is with me; He will never leave me nor forsake me. And, I am going to do everything that I need to do—and I will not fear. What can man do unto me?"
Here are some of the points in her lesson that stood out the most to me, in that they are things I think, believe, and are affirmed and comforted by:
  • On the consequences of dreading anything:
The more we're afraid of the pain, the worse that it gets. And, it's that way in any area of our life. Anything that you fear, the fearing of it is going to make it worse. If you know you're going to have to go through it anyway, then it's totally useless to fear it. What you need to say is, "God is going to give me the grace—when the time comes—and I can do whatever I need to do through Christ who strengthens me." [Philippians 4:13]
  • On our ability to overcome difficulty:
Life is not easy—we all know that; but, God has equipped us with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to do difficult things with a smile on our face and joy in our heart. 
We are anointed by the Holy Spirit for 'hard.' We don't have to have everything easy; we are not wimpy—we are full of the Holy Ghost…warriors! We have the power of God in our lives to enable us to do great things. 
Without God, we're just natural; we can't do anything more than anybody else. But, we have the super! So, we can live supernatural lives, and we can do supernatural things. 
  • On inner peace—or lack thereof:
Jesus could not have spoken peace to that storm had he been upset. [Mark 4:35-40] 
You can't speak peace if you don't have peace. What we do a lot of times is, we've got an upsetting situation [that] we let it upset us, and then our upset just makes the upsetting situation worse—we actually compound our problems, and make them worse; but, when you remain peaceful, the devil does not know what to do with you. It absolutely gives him close to a nervous breakdown when he throws everything at you that he knows how to, [yet] you continue to remain in peace, to walk in love, and to keep praising God.