Saturday, December 23, 2017

Chroma reveals demons' favorite torture monster

During every period of high demonic activity, demons place the white, demonic entity you see both on my temple and in other places; although it may have other purposes, the most noticeable effect is constant annoyance (it's like an itch caused by a fly that increases until you scratch it; but, instead of an itch, throbbing headache pain). The entity can always be felt with your fingers, and can even be removed (although doing so is very tricky and arduous—the entity is intelligent, and is knowledgeable and experienced in grip-dodging maneuvers); however, it cannot be seen by the naked eye (it is cloaked).

It can be (and now is) seen in digital media under certain conditions, namely, demonic radiation in the air and a shadowy area, contrasted by direct light, in which a cloaked entity must be situated to be seen (even with the radiation).
On the right, an enhanced copy of the zoomed still frame shown on the left (the center image is provided for scale) 
The video below was made under both of those conditions. In it, you can see the entity due to the "chroma effect" on the camera's digital imaging sensor, which is caused by the radiation emissions inherent to such periods. This effect is treated extensively in various posts to this blog [search Google for chroma].

The video shows another demonic entity, as well, which is also always cloaked—but, touchable and removable all the same. At about one minute or so into the video, note a thick protrusion rising up from the base of my neck and into my head, behind my right ear; although it looks like a neck muscle (same skin color, well-chosen location), it is not. Observe its movements (or lack thereof) carefully throughout the entire duration of the video, and you'll see that it's definitely not apart of my natural anatomy.

This particular entity is one of several means by which demons inflict brain damage; although I do not know the specific injuries it inflicts, I do know that it makes it difficult for victim's to focus on the problems demons present, and even harder to prioritize, making resolution of those problems in a logical, efficient and effective manner nearly impossible.

Demons do this to make it easier contain and quell their victims (or lead them to acquiescence) for extended and expanded (more, and more severe) victimization. The process isn't an overnight one. So, at the times they are injuring a victim in this way, they will say, Now, that'll teach them to mind us in the future.