Thursday, December 29, 2016

PRISON LETTER | Support works both ways (I hope)

If, by and through my evangelical letter-writing to prison inmates [see prison letters], it appeared to anyone that I intended to claim round-the-clock righteousness, let me clarify my intentions by saying that I'm human, fragile and weak in regards to matters higher than I. That fact, which is easy to see if you read my other posts to this blog, should have prevented any such misconception; but, if it didn't, let me kill it now by saying that, just as any human being in dire straits—whether a prisoner or a demoniac—I need support.

Mail sent from California state prisons bear a stamp on the outer envelope, indicating its origin
I believe you have to give to get, and that's the reason for writing these letters (and, in particular, this latest one); I'm offering support in exchange for same, and am committing to being that support in the hopes that making such a commitment will oblige me to stay on the straight-and-narrow. The reason for publishing these letters is to emphasize to any believers who should read them that they are always under obligation to support others in their walk of faith. Together, they are meant to make an important point: you are entitled to support when you need it; so, ask for it, and then expect it.

Each sheet of paper placed inside an envelope originating from a California state prison is stamped by prison employees that screen outgoing mail for contraband; it bears the name of the prison, and the section in which the inmate is housed
Korrey Mahone, an inmate at Pelican Bay State Prison, wrote this to Matthew 25:36 Ministries:

 “Over the years I’ve lost touch with my faith and I’m starting to question my beliefs. I want to get back to my spiritual foundation while furthering my education of the Lord."

All inmates on my list of Christian correspondents are incarcerated at Pelican Bay State Prison
Following is my first letter to him ( rendered some weird formatting errors in the letter, below; I'm aware of it, and will get to them when I can):