Monday, December 14, 2015

VID | Yet another something crawling in and out of my head

Some people might say that I make (and keep) videos of my incessant scratching, which only takes place during periods of high demonic activity, to spite myself. Not only do they look a little crazy, there's also a lot of them.

But, that's the point: the head-scratching looks crazy, and I had to make a lot of videos in order to demonstrate that the cause is not insanity. To that end, I proffer this still frame from a video made earlier this year, which I made while scratching and picking at my head:

A round, golden-colored object or entity surfaces from underneath my scalp, pierces my fingers with its prongs, and then disappears somewhere inside my head again through a tiny slit
Just to the side of my middle finger, there is something round and golden-colored, which, as the source video shows, rose from underneath my scalp, pierced my fingers with two or three of its prongs, and then disappeared into my skull through a tiny slit:

The object or entity moves fast, the entire event occurring in just seven still frames—only three of those showing whatever that thing is—requiring a slower playback speed than normal. It's so fast, that had I not skimmed the video frame-by-frame, I may not have noticed it at all.

This is not the first video showing something seemingly alive burrowing itself into my head; in Spider-like sucker-demon variety burrows under skull, a video shows what looks like something more alive than the something in the video above burrowing into the back of my head.

A second, more recent video posted in Demonic Lightning Bug shows a similar-shaped and nearly identically colored entity flying into my back and out again (but not my head).