Monday, April 6, 2015

VIDEO | Spider-like sucker-demon variety burrows under skull

And, why, you ask? It was on the attack, but didn't want to be recorded on video doing so. So, the second it realized I was turning the back of my head towards my digital camera to capture its assault there, it scurried towards my left ear, before burrowing itself under the skin and, presumably, my skull (these types burrow cavities inside bone).

Several enlargements of a still frame showing the entity (provided for easier identification when watching the video clip, below), half-buried in the skin of my skull, which is slightly peeled back, creating access for the entity to sink into my head
In the video, it happens so fast that only a few still frames show a black spot slide away from the camera as I turn my head. At first, it looks like a shadow; but, close observation clearly shows a spider-like sucker-demon variety demonic entity, hurriedly digging through my skin [see note, below]:

NOTE | You can't see it unless you set the playback quality to 720p—no less—and at the highest resolution. If you would like a copy of the original (which I recommend), just ask.
To be accurate, the entity isn't digging, per se; it is altering the state of the molecules of my skin and such to the typical cloaked state of a demon. This allows it to manipulate my skin like clay—clay that resumes (almost) its original shape when it returns to its natural state.

To see other, clearer and much bigger holes made in my body by demons, see VIDEO | Hole opens in left armpit. Also, see PIC | Penile mutilation inadvertently discovered in video, in that this new video adds a lot of credence to what some may have considered an incredulous story.

As implied, the entities that do this aren't always visible; to that end, image processing filters are being developed and tested to discover them when they are cloaked, but otherwise active: