Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PIC/VIDEO | Close-up of tendril-firing demonic hand weapon key for finding possession victims

A frame-by-frame skimming of a video made during this latest period of high demonic activity, i.e., last night, uncovered the best still frame yet of those electrified, irradiated tendrils launching from a demonically mutated stump of a human hand (albeit right into my own hip from my own hand).
NOTE | The tendrils are called wires by demon people.
Although various pics of this weapon and its variants have been posted to this blog for over a year now, this newest image reveals details and clarity the previously posted pics do not:

A close-up of a tendril-firing demonic hand weapon, deployed by demon people by flinging their arm, wrist and hand in the direction of the target; the tendrils penetrate the target at a specific point on their body, allowing the demon person to define the effect of the injury (note the hand has become a demonically mutated stump, which acts a launch base for the tendrils)
For example, now that the exact shape of the launch base and the location of the border between the mutated and non-mutated portion of a demonically mutated arm is known, persons who are unwitting demoniacs can be identified as such by the unique set of medical differences between them and non-demoniacs (presently, only a demon or demoniac can identify a demoniac, which requires both parties to be within range of an area where demonic activity is high):

A close-up of the demonic weapon
Whether those differences amount to evidence of surgical or biological/chemical alterations that are manifested by the mutations and alteration inherent to demonic possession would be the next question, which is more easily answered now that we know what and where to look inside a demoniac for such evidence.

The following video clip shows the full deployment of the weapon, which gives readers a better understanding of the nefarious nature of the weapon:

As you can see, this demonic weapon is totally concealed by a perfectly normal human arm; then, in less than 1/30th of a second, the weapon can be activate, guided and deployed, before being concealed right afterwards.

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