Tuesday, September 4, 2018

More intercepted demonic communiqué (or, Thing demons have said behind my back, Part Two)

The first installment of Intercepted demonic communiqué (or, Things demons have said behind my back)—which, originally, was meant to be the only installment—has been so popular with people and demons when I published it at the beginning of February that I haven't had to intercept a single communique to learn new words and phrases demons and people use in their communication (although, I have been doing that); rather, demons have been handing all kinds of new information to me directly, claiming that it's fun to watch people react to them. My (or should I say, their) explanations and stories tend to tell readers a lot more about topics I generally don't cover anywhere else on the blog, even though they sometimes still leave a lot unsaid.
NOTE | There are lots more words and phrases unique among demons and their people on the Factoids page. I call them, demon idiom.
To make this post a bit more interesting, I've included a few more things I've intercepted (versus handed to me directly) even where I do not yet have explanations for them. I'll call them mysteries for now, albeit mysteries I, myself, have no intention of solving (but the solutions to which I will not refuse should they come to me outside of my own effort).

By the way, if you've heard any of these somewhere else and failed to make that known, please read A Call to Arms | Your duty as a victim of demonic activity (or otherwise), You should share what you know, no matter what—even with people you wouldn't normally think to share with. The first in the list of demonic communiqué is the perfect illustration of my point:

"If we tried to tell you how they did anything they do, they'd accuse us of souring their candy—a big no-no for our people."

This was the response given me by demons that afflict me, and of whom I am aware and with whom I communicate as freely and even more easily than any given human, when I asked them for information about a specific horde of demons that also afflict me, but have employed various means to minimize my awareness and remembrance of my encounters with them (called incognating by demons, in general). It is a serious trespass among demons that exploit humans for one horde to give any human they exploit information about another horde that could lead to a complication or burdening or undoing of another horde's exploitive use of that human, particularly if that human has a demonstrated propensity for using information given them (whether it appears to be related or otherwise) to avail themselves or others of their exploitation. That can be inferred by the question itself, if for no other reason, if the question pertains to a horde that did not intend to be identified, and if the question is material or the answer consequential to the inquisitor's interaction with them.

The agreed-upon restriction imposed by demons among themselves that forbids acknowledging or otherwise making known the existence of any other horde that has not made itself known and that has not specifically consented to being acknowledged or discussed by other demons with a human (which is to be assumed as required on every occasion in which such a discussion occurs) is not covered by this term; while doing so could effectively sour a horde's candy, it could sour the candy for future hordes who rely on a human's complete and total ignorance of demon exploitation overall. Poisoning the well would be more apt.
NOTE | This is but one of several universally adopted and practiced fair-trade policies among all disparate species of demons. 
Great care must be taken to comply with this rule around humans who have established partnerships with a horde of demons through which they receive (or think they receive) protection from demonic exploitation as compensation or incentive. No horde of demon can rightfully claim total and complete protection of exploitation by every horde that exists; there's no horde large or powerful enough and no human-habitable space secure enough to fend off all possibilities. Moreover, demons cannot always detect the presence of other demons, and are may be subject to exploitation themselves (or at least limited in resources by their own self-protective efforts). If a human is unaware that they are being exploited or are, in fact, not presently being exploited, a horde is expected to claim that they provide protection, even though it is incidental, and that the protection is unbreakable. In this case, the candy can be soured not for other hordes, but by other hordes, by purposefully or incidentally advising the human of the falsity of such claims. Destroying the foundation or basis of a relationship between a horde and a human as paramount as the protection of one's life, which is carefully cultivated and constantly reinforced throughout the entire life of that relationship, undermines, hinders and complicates every subsequent effort made by the horde. This is so important, that this often obligates hordes that encounter a human to make a special effort to reinforce the lie, making either mention of it or behaving in any other manner in their interaction with a human than ways that reflect how they truly feel about humans in general.

This policy is an alternative and companion explanation for thefts of documents and/or recordings of demonic activity by humans that describe or reveal their involvement or activities with demons, such as described in Demon people steal secretly made recordings years ago, even when a threat to demons and the humans involved is unlikely. Any information at all that effectively demonstrates that exploitation occurs may make aware those who have yet to discover or believe it. It also provides a secondary and perhaps more plausible explanation for the violent reaction I noted whenever playing back audio recordings of demons' conversations with me, which, when noted, was ascribed to shame [see Shame, exposure angers demons most]. In sum, both theft and violence under these circumstances is probably primarily motivated by compliance with this common rule of confidentially, and not the particulars of the recorded data.
NOTE | I base my assessment of the lack of the relevance of any given recording that could be made of the problem based on a sufficiently thorough examination of it and a conclusion shared by everyone who has even had a glimpse of it. It is so obvious, that most people arrive at the same conclusion by mere instinct; it's not debatable. Neither demon nor human in-the-know would disagree with my conclusion that there isn't really any activity that one could record that would solve it. In other words, people who know about the problem have no means to address it or even reason with it; if you weren't placed in a position above it, then you're at least subject to it (and likely are). You're many thousands of years too late, as the threat from notifying the herd so that it can collectively protect itself was buffeted against long-ago by a magnanimous and gargantuan effort by the demonic kingdom at large from being unseated by a cellphone recording or a leaked document. The land (or, Earth) has been plowed and furrowed, and weeding and fertilizing of the fields is as big and important of a job as the planting and the harvesting, so nothing you can post or submit is going to destroy the crop. The Devil created the world we know to be a fertile land for his kingdom's economy, which relies solely on its forced exploitation of humans for its dealings in our realm. If your recording leads anyone to believe otherwise, you've made a fool out of two people, and you have strengthened the protective measures actively working against you.
"There's something special in the air."
This is the standard announcement by the demons constantly in my immediate vicinity that they issue to every demon and human who exploits the phenomenon that occurs whenever I do what I do that somehow, among other things, causes portals to open between here, there and, well, almost everywhere (at least to wherever I'm tuned to the emotions—negative—that resonates with portals demons who do the tuning want to open—also negative). It's borrowed from the well-known and long-running American Airlines ad campaign, and makes a jest out of it by pointing out one of the most obvious and visible signs of the onset of what I call a period of high demonic activity (which others might also call a demon-induced bender); specifically, the air, which fills with snowflake-sized travelers from other places and spaces. Here's what that looked like in my apartment a couple of nights ago:

Believe it or not, there's no snow machine hidden somewhere off-camera; you can see that by the pattern of flight at various points in the video. Like a school of fish, the swarm turns together, while each member maintains his relative distance and speed from those next to him. So, there's no wind machine involved, either.
NOTE | This video confirms what I've said countless times in past years: I have encountered many, many different varieties of sentient life, and, most of my time as the Door (or Engine, as demons call me), i.e., the cause and center of the opening of portals, I got to know as many as I could, as well as I could. While much was learned by observation, much was also learned by conversing. The most frequent topic of conversation was the problem this blog describes; the one thing that can be said that's true no matter where you go and who you are is this: good and evil are the same as we know them, as are the benefits and consequences we know to be associated with them. With only a complete and comprehensive knowledge and perfect practice of the differences between the two, you can make it anywhere. Literally.
"He rolls his tongue like a mountain of money."
This is how I was announced by a demon to other demons as a prodigious and exceptionally persuasive speaker, one whose jokes cause uncontrollable laughter in even his enemies, and whose infallible logic causes uncontrollable agreement among same.
“He’s got a rickety skeleton in his pocket."
Demons deform a human's bones by exposing them to the natural radiation emanated by their cloaked molecular state, using various means to direct the radiation into concentrated beams or fields and accelerate the deformation process. The skin is also affected; not only does it stretch, but it loses its elasticity. A person who is subjected to this form of torture and treatment is said by demons to look like a pocket (made of skin) that is full of their own bones; this is how they say it when they point it out.
“He has sensations that describe his belongings to other worlds."
This was said of me several times by passive or uninvolved demons observing the melée between me and my demon enemies. This is an incredibly complex war, which takes place not only in this world, but—apparently—others like it. On occasion, I get a glimpse into my lives in those other worlds that can simultaneously be witnessed by demons. A Voices Demon told me that's what they were talking about once, saying that they had no better word for my recollections than sensations (since dreams or memories didn't quite fit). I'd call them flashbacks.

This is a work-in-progress; more to come...