Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Using insignia to identify demon hordes

If the shoe fits, you could say.

To the layperson, many varieties of demonic species don't look cognizable as such. Take, for instance, the demon shown in these two images:

A demon, captured in a still frame taken from a video made during a period of high demonic activity, specifically, during an attack by same and othersThe same demon, captured approximately 1/3 of a second prior to the still frame shown left, most likely still in the process of possession, having yet to settle into final form
That's why demonic insignia is so important to find; by matching insignia to the markings on any object suspected of demon possession (here, it is an iron), demons that stray far from the more recognizable humanoid from can't hide as easy:

The demonic insignia given me by a demon-allied human, as more fully explained in Demonic insignia, authenticity confirmedIn spite of having yet to possess the iron completely, as made evident by the differences shown by the still frame shown left, the insignia aligns perfectly
NOTE | Since the time of the first post making a connection between insignia and the demons shown in my photos, my collection of insignia has skyrocketed, as have the number of matches between the insignia shown above. More to come...
The following video shows a technique that uses an edge-detection filter to make finding insignia-to-demon matches easier and faster, particularly for demons with a foreign shape and highly complex lines and curves:

A "sketch" or edge-detection filter reduces the number of curves and lines in an image to only those that border a transition between color or luminosity values that cross a specified threshold
Color from the original image (or a portion of thereof) can be reintroduced
to help identify the demon itself and its connection between the overlying insignia 

The original, unedited image, with and without the overlying insignia
Insignia also serves a second, equally important purpose, in addition to identifying strange, new life: it tells you what that life is up to.