Wednesday, April 19, 2017

PREVIEW | DemonNet for iOS Developers

The source code for the fully functioning prototype of DemonNet, the upcoming local DAQ system packaged as an app for iPhone, is now available as a free distribution to iOS developers for test deployment.

Xcode view hierarchy debugger
The following video is intended for use as a supplement to a personal demo for interested developers; it shows the first prototype of the app running on an iPhone 6s Plus as it calculates in real-time the peak-signal-to-noise ratio between samples acquired at 30 fps (shown in the top video window) and the reference sample (shown in the window below):

The app features hands-free operation, in that the user simply launches the app, puts the phone down, and then leaves it to collect data on its own. The app's built-in anti-bias mechanisms in the app obviate the need for setup and monitoring of the app, ensuring that the app acquires non-biased samples suitable for subsequent analysis; specifically, the app waits until the camera is running, a reference frame has been prepared, and the location is up-to-date before collecting samples. If the phone is moved—even if only slightly—the app stops collecting samples immediately; then, it stops the camera, and waits until the phone is no longer moving before restarting it again. After restarting the camera, the app also checks for any change in location.
NOTE | Although it is not likely that the location could change without triggering the motion-activity mechanism, checks are still conducted periodically—primarily, to increase accuracy, whenever applicable.
Once the location has been verified or updated (depending), a new reference sample is acquired, and data collection is resumed.

All of this is automatic. The only enabled interaction is the video window that displays the current sample (top-left). By touching it, the user can focus the camera, if necessary, even though, so far, this has proved unnecessary, which is due, in part, to the exclusive use of the front-facing camera.

Xcode source editor
Given the grave nature of the problem, developers are encouraged to contribute to the development of the app, and to even distribute versions of their own making, provided the data their app acquires is stored in DemonNet global storage via CloudKit, and is otherwise made available for immediate acquisition, as well as unrestricted analysis and use.

DemonNet Global Data Storage CloudKit Dashboard
More about the app is forthcoming; however, in the meantime, read TECH | "Demon net" iPhone app prototype and TECHNOLOGY | Detecting (real) demonic activity in digital media if you're unfamiliar with this component of a global initiative to use cellphones to detect demonic activity and to track its movement (that, specifically, is at night, while cellphone users sleep—the time when most undetected demonic intrusion occurs).

Prototype of DemonNet DAQ app for iPhone
Also, read Finding hidden demons in digital media | Mapping multispectral digital image sensor data to see how off-the-shelf image-processing software are used to reveal otherwise unseen demonic activity from images made by cellphones during periods of high demonic activity:
The blue-skinned demon peering through the bedroom door at night is just one of a multitude of demonic intruders that invade sleeping households all over the world, inflicting both injury and causing illness [image from Enhancing demon faces made anywhere, at anytime, from anything]
If you are unfamiliar with data acquisition systems in general, National Instruments expertly introduces both the topic and a line of products that are used in the same manner and for the same general purpose as the DemonNet DAQ app.

More about the app
More information regarding the purpose of the DemonNet DAQ System and how the data collected by clients will be used for the aforestated purposes is available on this blog at:

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