Friday, August 22, 2014

VIDEO | Long fires four different demonic weapons using demon-people deployment hand gestures

Tonight, I captured Long on video firing four different demonic weapons at me from behind using the same hand gestures demon people are known to use to deploy them. Three of the four hand gestures are already shown and described on this blog, with one not featured on this blog or recognized as a demonic weapon used by demon people.
NOTE | There are scads of them, and they can be launched verbally, individually, in tandem with other demon people, from the hands, objects, the feet, the tongue, etc., and I've borne the brunt of each one of them innumerable times; however, the fourth weapon deployed by Long in this video, I do not recognize.
READ | The very first hand gestures used by demon people to deploy a demonic weapon was shown on video in VIDEO | VMC Hospital nurse attacks using demon.
The first weapon Long deployed is The Whip, which was originally shown in a photo in PHOTOS | People—not just demons—taking part in repeated spikes to the brain, head, neck and vital organs, but has now disappeared. It is deployed by slinging the index finger at the target, which then extends it into the target's person; the movement is a lot like casting a fishing pole:
Long's hand mutates into the all-too-familiar clawed form of the hand of demon that has recently fired a demonic weapon from it [see VIDEO | Joint demonic attack: two men combine powers to increase weapon effectiveness]
Long casts his index finger like a fishing pole at my head; but, other than the mutation shown above and the elongation of his fingers, there is no other visual evidence that the demonic weapon known as The Whip was deployed successfully

The name of the second demonic weapon deployed by Long in the video is not known to me; but, I do recognize the movement. I'm sure it does something; but, what, I do not know. When attacked, I am bombarded, and with multiple weapons by multiple people; I still haven't sorted out what does what what for every single weapon, and this one is no exception. Also, the effects of one weapon may linger well into the firing of the next, even if they were deployed one-at-a-time, making it difficult to distinguish one from another.

The only visual evidence that a demonic weapon was deployed is my familiarity with the hand gesture (based on my past experience as a target of it), and the red-tipped mutation of the fingers at the apex of the deployment movement, and, of course, their elongation upwards, going in the opposite direction of the movement of Long's hand:
With its back facing the target, the hand is raised upwards to deploy an unnamed demonic weapon, the effects of which cannot be singled out among the barrage of effects experienced by multiple weapons being fired by multiple people, all at the same time
The distortion and other signs of demonic activity as detected in a digital video is shown and discussed at length throughout this blog, the most recent post being TECHNOLOGY | Problems caused by demonic radiation to digital cameras also detects demonic weapons.

The third weapon he fired on video is called The Bear Claw of Fire, which is shown also on video in VIDEO UPDATE | 'Rock-throwing' incident was actually use of 'Bear Claw of Fire' demonic weapon. The hand is raised as a spread-fingered claw, palm facing the target, and then lowered towards the target at the wrist:
The ring and pinkie fingers on Long's clawed hand are tipped in red and are pointed, indicating the deployment of The Bear Claw of Fire; this same hand gesture is shown in a video of a former neighbor using this demonic weapon in VIDEO UPDATE | 'Rock-throwing' incident was actually use of 'Bear Claw of Fire' demonic weapon
The last weapon deployed by Long, I have never seen before now. Again, it is the visual evidence of demonic activity known to occur in digital video that identifies the movement as weapon deployment, coupled with tonight's experience of being on the receiving end of it:
The only evidence that this hand gesture deployed a demonic weapon is the tell-tale transformation of Long's hand, his face and mine, especially as compared to the other still frames adjacent to this one in the video (below)
Although extreme sickness was felt as he stood behind me doing these, the video does not show any of the weapons actually extending into my head or any other part of my body; as stated, the only evidence that they were fired are the mutation and elongation of his hands at the firing point of the deployment hand gesture, and the blurry, lingering motion trail of his body and hands upon deployment of the weapons (and, in the case of the fourth weapon, the severe distortion surrounding both our faces):

The video also shows the mutation of Long's face into that of a possessing demon; you can see it at the very beginning through his back window; a frame-by-frame skimming of the video will reveal a number of similar such mutations to both of us whenever a demonic weapon is fired.

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