Friday, January 25, 2013

#496 - VIDEO | Demons strike head twice from across room, around the corner

The Voices Demon continue ordering other demons to injure my head by lashing out with either tendrils or other appendage.
The white thing sticking out of my head (upper left) is actually a tendril striking me, which originated from somewhere around the corner behind me
In the second video showing this [see VIDEO | Demon pierces skull with tendril], there are two hits, both to the same location, specifically, to the upper left side of my head, near the top of my head on the horizon:

The sound made by the impact of the appendages on my head is quite audible, particularly, the second one.

The color of the appendages are white; they move so fast, they look like they were shot from a gun:
The first hit can barely be heard or seen without having watched the video multiple timesThe second hit is quite audible and is more easily seen
It may be difficult to see the first of two hits due to its speed, camera motion, and the relatively quieter sound of the impact. To find it more easily, watch for the hit at the very end (the second one), which you can see and hear much more readily than the first. Then, after having become familiar with the location of the impact and the speed at which the appendages move, watch the video a second time. The first hit occurs about halfway through the camera pan.

Skull, brain frequently targeted by demons
It seems like there's always a demon on my head. You can see one attacking my head very, very clearly in VIDEO | Sucker demon attacks at nude beach; and, you can see just how quickly they can damage one's head in Skull disfigured in just two days in sucker demon attacks and Voices Demons use sucker demons to deform, bore holes in skull.

But, it's not just the outside that garners their interest; it's also the inside, as shown in PHOTO | Frontal cranial plate detached from head, looks like hobgoblin demon mask

In the past, I've said such trauma leads to many other life problems, as described in Recurring demonic assault leads to permanent disability, self-neglect; but, in this case, I'm sure it only leads to death.


  1. stop doing crystal meth buddy been their done that. Also please take your meds (zyprexa, resperdal,seroquil...ect). i deal with the paranormal and real demonic activity for the past 15 yrs...You need to do the 12steps hit up some meetings and get sober. See a shrink and take some meds or whatever. Nothing yoou posted has any relevant demonic activity...

  2. you clearly have issues... that aren't demon-related. please seek help.

  3. What are those issues exactly, and why are they clear to no one but you? And, how exactly are these sparse notes clarity on those issues?

    If what you're saying is that I'm crazy, I say you're probably right—or at least will be right in due time.

    Regardless, that bears in no way on what are your own issues, which, in the two years since you posted this comment, should have been made quite clear to you—thanks entirely to me, I joyously add.

  4. And, to the fucker who commented with all the things I need to do to solve the "real" problem, and not the "fake" one I make up on this blog, I ask this:

    How now, brown Cao?