Friday, November 9, 2012

#454 - Recurring demonic assault leads to permanent disability, self-neglect

Although how the long-term consequences are yet to be revealed, constant attacks to my head by demons—either by the grappling of the back of my head by an imp demon or by the insertion of a cloaked-hand directly into my skull by a centurion-like demon (shown below)—have led to vertigo, fatigue and blurry vision; hearing is occasionally impaired as, well:
This variety of demon inserts its cloaked hand inside the skull of a human to cause dizziness, instant flu-like symptoms, headache, blurry vision and impaired hearing (more info about this photo)
The sensation is just those, but, as the demon causes the injury, I can hear a crackling noise in my ears and back of my head. A headache always ensures.

What precipitates these attacks is a schedule kept by the Voices Demons, which shows the times and number of attacks to be perpetrated in a given day. Between those appointments are pretexts for violence, which are all completely ridiculous.

The point of repetition is to eventually distract the victim from taking initiative in one's life through fear; such thoughts usually quell nascent urges to take care of one's self, start new projects, and any thinking in general that leads to emotional and other types of personal growth.

If the injuries are severe enough, the attacks consistent enough (as to their initiation at the onset of instinctive or creative thought), and the sense by the victim that they are being watched pervasive enough, eventually, only certain visual or auditory triggers can be used to lock a person's development in place, and cease their enjoyment of life.

In order to achieve this, there must be an around-the-clock, second-by-second monitoring of the victim by Voices Demons, as well as demons that can physically attack, and any other demons that may be needed to assist in other the logistical aspects of monitoring and corralling victims 24-hours a day.

Although evident enough from their involvement since my early childhood, it is clear by the aforedescribed work now underway that the demons intend to be involved in my life for the long haul; it is chilling to think of how much effort this costs per person—and the fact that they are resourced enough to accomplish their task—and that they have even developed a way to accomplish what their goal. To think of all the people who have suffered in their plan's development, and of all the people who have suffered since their plan has been put to widespread action.

Now that I am aware of their intent, I wonder whether I will be able to ward it off and push forward as I might have done without this conditioning (for lack of better terms). Based on what I've seen demons do to compensate for the transparency of such conditioning mechanisms such as this, my guess is that, if I am too cognitive of when I'm being dissuaded from following my intuition or applying logic to a problem or need, then they may pacify me with material goods or the like—transparently, of course, and which also makes me feel anchored, and otherwise unable to carry out any plans they may not want me to carry out.
NOTE | The most common way they do that to people these days is with kids. The condom will break, the pill won't work, etc., and couples will get one, even when they didn't want one. Vacations get canceled, people become parents instead of entrepreneurs or what-have-you, and so on.
To persons familiar with demons (a far greater number than I could have ever imagined), constant physical attacks that leave few—if any—external markings or cognizable immediate injury are quite familiar. Demons make Quasimodos out of their victims for those in-the-know. I doubt, however, that the process and plan are disclosed and understood; and, even if so, the relatively short life-span of humans these days does not allow for the kind of understanding gained by the witnessing of the outcome by a single person. Therefore, the overall act cannot be lamented at the depth of its savagery.

How to know if your life has been pared back by demonic conditioning
If your life is anything less than that of what Jesus Christ died for you to have—and, up 'til now, you knew what that was and believed it was possible—then you've been unwittingly adjusted to set your expectations lower than what they should be, and you have been conditioned to deny the part of your being that compels you to grow and create in ways that are likely unimaginable to those who don't believe.