Saturday, March 31, 2012

Demons put "eye spiders" in eye sockets, nose and ears—and worse

"Eye spiders" is what the demons called them this week, while I sat in front of my laptop, prying at my eyelids in an attempt to get a shot of one on camera. But, that's all they said; they neither mentioned how they got in my eye sockets, ears, nose and anal cavity, nor did they advise on their removal. That pretty much sums up the responsible party.

They look exactly like a real spider, except that they are all legs (think Daddy Long-Leg, as my family  used to call them, without the body), and have the same "electric" composition to that most other demonic entities. In other words, they don't squish and ooze blood; rather, they pop or snap when torn apart, and then emit the smell of the demon from which they originate, become wet, then dusty, and then evaporate (it sounds weird, but it's how it feels in your hands and what it looks like with your eyes).

Like the hobgoblin in Demon Springs from Floor, they appear to be all black with intermittent transparency; and, like a man-sized demon, they can—at will—phase-out, and pass through any object, albeit with varying results depending on the material, and whether there is no pressure being applied to the material that is not normal.

An explanation of this follows, along with a comparison to other demon types:
  • Just like the worm- or snake-like sucker demon, they can pass through your bedsheets easily and quickly, unless you press on the sheet, at which point they have to squiggle free. (In that case, they simply slim their bodies by funneling themselves through your grip like sand through an hour glass; once they are thin enough to slink through your palm, they escape); however,
  • Unlike a sucker demon that, when touched by your hand directly, emit a very powerful electric-like shock, resulting in nausea, disorientation and dizziness, an eye spider does not appear to defend itself other than by running. Their lack of defensive capabilities may be why they reside in body orifices, such as the ear, nose and eyes (or worse), which allows them to retreat, if they are discovered.
  • A eye spider cannot slip through your hand, unlike sucker demons, which elongate their bodies into nearly any length or width (gauge), and which they use to stab people or animals, without leaving a single mark (sucker demons are of the demon-type that can phase its form into near invisibility, allowing them even to pass through walls, they can pass through your skin phased-out, and then fully materialize only the end of the needle once it's reached its destination).
Like the man-like demons, they appear on video surrounded by color noise (chroma); however, instead of the typical red-green-blue snow that outlines the figure of the man-like demon, the eye spider will emit red and yellow sparks. Also, the eye spider is not as adept at cloaking itself; in every other frame, you can usually see one of it spindly legs flailing about. They also are surrounded by a dark shadow or blot, similar to the demon in Demon Springs from Floor, which is probably due to the same reasons.

Because they are difficult to see clearly on video, I captured a few still frames, which reveal a leg or two here and there, and, in rarer cases, an entire body. They are surrounded by a field of yellow and red sparks, which are seen best in the videos.

A distressed eye spider's cloak fails to encompass one of its legs
Even when it completely fails to cloak itself, an eye spider emits radiation, which interferes with video imaging
Pulling an eye spider from the corner of my eye
NOTE | You must zoom in to my pinched fingers to see what is described in the caption of each image.
The complete still frame collection is viewable in my Google+ Demonic Activity Photo Album.

There are also four videos available, showing the removal of the eye spiders from my actual eyes.