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#439 - DRAFT | More of what a hobgoblin demon looks like (and other things about them, too)

This post is a draft; I'm working on it—right now—as you're looking at it. It's messy, I know, but the enhanced images were so much better than the originals, I wanted to share them now.

Since my last post on what hobgoblin demons look like, I have obtained several new photographs of them. This post includes those additional images, and, for the sake of convenience, also includes the ones previously shown in that post, namely, What a hobgoblin demon looks like.

Videos of hobgoblin demons
This post also includes all videos in my collection that show hobgoblin demons, which, by the way, are extremely rare, quite pathetic (except for the first one, below), and which were missing from the first post.

In Hobgoblin Demon Springs from Floor, a hobgoblin enters my apartment through a hyperdimensional portal in the floor—which is always the way demons enter—and then exits through a wall—which is always the way a demon exits:

In Mother Hobgoblin Demon and Baby Hobgoblin Demon, a hobgoblin demon, which is blending with a bedspread and pillow case, and which has female facial characteristics, cradles a smaller hobgoblin demon, creating the appearance of a mother and child:

NOTE | Because a hobgoblin demon's cloak is more near-perfect than most, you will likely see one blended before you will ever see one cloaked.
In Hobgoblin Demon Sneaks Behind Me, I review video footage of a recent demonic attack as a hobgoblin demon slips behind me and jumps on my bed in order to escape into a hyperdimensional portal on the wall, which is the same one used by the hobgoblin demon in Hobgoblin Demon Springs from Floor, above:

In Hobgoblin Demon Sneaks Up Behind Me, the light glaring off the back of the chair looks like the white mask of a hobgoblin demon, which, at first, I thought was creeping up behind me:

Hobgoblin demons, described
Hobgoblin demons stand about 3 to 4 feet tall, wear black or brown cloaks and what appear to be white masks, but are actually material (or flesh) malleable enough to contort into different facial expressions.

The reasons why hobgoblin demon faces look like masks is most likely because they do not emote with their facial expressions often, and because their faces probably start as actual masks, as their bodies are known to start with dirty clothes [see VIDEOS | Naked, demon-possessed man writhing on floor helps animate, transport demons]; however, generally, the masks are frozen into a somewhat of a caricature of a human's face.
They appear to have an innate interest in human medicine and psychology [see PHOTOS | Hobgoblin demons attempt to induce insanity by blocking pleasurable experiences]. This translates into macabre and obscene experiments and modifications to the human anatomy and behavior, as is described in Demons modify peoples' looks from birth to affect social standing, later to punish or control.

Hobgoblin demons stay cloaked, and move outside of regular time, specifically, faster (too see what this looks like, watch Demonic Peep-Eye, which features a demon that moves faster than normal time, just like a hobgoblin demon). This means that you will rarely see one with the naked eye, and, if you do, it's only a glimpse.
At 3311 Princeton Way #5 in Santa Clara, California—a minor hub of demonic activity
Their cloaks can only be breached by photographing light reflecting from their bodies, which must be bent by motion in order to be seen (read more about Nature of demonic cloak revealed). Normally, this is accomplished by accident, and usually when a video camera is being panned and a hobgoblin demon just happens to be in the picture and moving, as well.
At VMC Hospital on 750 Bascom Avenue in San Jose, California, where hobgoblin demons conduct medical experiments [see Rare Photo of Voices Demon at VMC or Hoax?]

Hobgoblin demons are world-renowned, and a Google search for stories of black- or brown-cloaked entities invading sleepers' beds corroborates much of what is written in this blog.
usually only captured by a fast-moving video camera as the camera lens passes over their position—and only then, when the hobgoblin demon is blended (or possessed of) an object that may slightly resembles its body shape or striping (white on top, but black in back; black from the neck down). That's a lot of variables that have to be present in order to capture a segment of video that has a hobgoblin demon that can be seen in the still frames.

Last night, I was able to capture quite a few still frames of a new hobgoblin demon, which is by far the highest quality set I have so far. You can see a lot more detail; in fact, the mask even appears glossy in a few of them. And, unlike the other photographed hobgoblin demons, in which there are multiple photos of the same demon, this one changes expression and turns its head slightly several times:
In fact, that is how all of the photographs of hobgoblin demons were made (i.e., while the camera and the hobgoblin demon were in opposite motion).
From Intruder Attacks at 471 East Julian Street in San Jose, California—the nexus of demonic activity
Video in motion reveals cloaked demons, even when they are possessing a human, as shown in these two still frames taken from a very interesting video:
While the video camera was still...
...and when it was in motion

Hobgoblin demons are almost always the instigators and overseers of all demonic attacks. A perfect example of this is the hobgoblin demon detected in one of the frames (shown above) from the Demonic Intruders Attack video. In that video, it can be heard instructing two other demons to, "Pick him up," referring to me, of course, and my unconscious body.

They also have the most powerful magic, which works sort of like "mojo." My belief and experience suggests that the black tar-like smoke that hits you when a hobgoblin demon works its magic on you decides what bad happens to you next, and that it's not necessarily up to the hobgoblin demon who cast it at you. I do know that it requires kinetic energy (motion) on the part of the target to work. So, you can temporarily ward off any ill effects from getting hit with hobgoblin demon magic by simply not moving; however, because the magic doesn't wear off quickly, you may have to move at some point, even while it could still do damage.

A good example of the results of their magic is shown in the photo below, in which my head was injured by a pipe that literally bent down—as if it were made of marshmallows—and struck me on the head (as if it were made of metal):
A pole mounted on a rooftop bent down and knocked me on the head after I was hit by hobgoblin-demon magic
NOTE | More injuries can be seen Other injuries since '06 and Demon fighting injuries.
Not only do hobgoblin demons cloak, but they also blend with similar looking objects. They even move in motion with said object, just to stay out of sight. In the case below, a hobgoblin demon moves with my hand as it passes in front of the camera, in part, because the shape of the side of my hand was nearly identical to the profile of its head (read more on this particular type of demonic camouflage).

Hobgoblin demons appear by moon cycle, use demon graffiti to announce displeasure
As shown in PHOTOS | Hobgoblin demons stylize number eight into a logo of sorts, hobgoblin demons always leave demonic graffiti in and around their area of operations, specifically, their stylized eight.

This photo was taken at a laundromat where a hobgoblin demon was seen animating a few pieces of dirty clothes; to show me how close it could get, it took my shoestring—without me seeing or knowing—and created this stylized eight:
Like all hobgoblin demons, when first spotted, this one collapsed into the pile of clothes it animated, just like the baby/midget-like demon in Little Man Around the Be(n)d (below):

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